Madrid. Barcelona. Granada. Irún. Seville. Pontevedra. Bilbao. Las palmas de gran canaria… these are some of the many cities that have hosted wordcamp throughout the spanish territory in recent years. 2020 was going to be a record year again in terms of events and attendees. But the current health situation and global crisis have completely changed the course. Having to readapt to the new circumstances.

We live first-hand. As if it were a waterfall. The cancellations of each and every one of the editions planned for this year. Calling for common sense and preventing the spread of covid-19. However. In current times the brilliant minds that work side by side managing the wordpress community in spain found the ideal solution to the problem: this year. Bringing together in one week the largest wordpress event in spanish in the world. Which will be completely online and accessible to everyone.

Word camp spain will be held

From may 6 to 9. And is aiming for a record Honduras cell phone numbers with more than 4.500 registered attendees.

Since the opening day of its website . The success of this call has been enormous. So much so that the organizers have had no choice but to close registrations today. May 5. But don’t worry. If you couldn’t register beforehand you can still attend all the talks through the youtube channel created for the occasion.

Honduras cell phone numbers

Talking about the first wordcamp spain means talking about a historic event. Not only because it is purely online. But it will be held by bringing together conferences with participants from more than 30 different countries. All of them specialists in wordpress. The most widely used cms in the world to create websites. Throughout the 4 scheduled days. We will be able to attend two rooms live. A total of 58 presentations and the contributor day. Reserved exclusively for saturday.

Among the speakers who have confirmed their presence we find well-known names within the community such as rocío valdivia. Ana cirujano or wajari velásquez. But without a doubt. The great attractions of this event will be the presence of matt mullenweg. Ceo of automattic and co-founder of wordpress. And matias ventura. The leader of the gutenberg project. Who will join forces on the 7th in an unrepeatable event.

From godaddy we have also wanted

To add and add value to the event. Confirming the presence of clara ávila and néstor angulo de ugarte. Who will speak respectively about how to generate traffic to a website through a newsletter and how to organize your website to obtain maximum security. Using wordpress.

The scheduled presentations are prepared in three different time slots: you will be able to see short talks of 10 minutes. Half an hour and one hour on web design and development. Marketing strategies. Seo. Social network management. Web analytics. Personal experiences and a long etcetera.

What do we offer from godaddy for participating in the wordcamp spain 2020?
We do not want to forget that. For all those who access the talks scheduled at wordcamp spain. You have at your disposal an offer consisting of 3 months of our wordpress ecommerce + hosting product for only €0.99. You can consult it at this link .

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