Let’s admit it: your flipbook is pretty awesome, and you know it! You created the best flipping flipbook (pun intended), and now you want to present it to the world. For someone with online authority, this might be easy, but if you want to go even further or if you simply don’t have an audience yet, it can get tricky. Well, you are three minutes away from learning a few tricks that might help you. Perhaps, you already tried to promote your magazine through an email campaign, SEO, social media or maybe through influencers, and that is really great. But sometimes, you need to think outside the box and try something else.

Here are three things you should try: Display ads While this isn’t rocket science, nor something unheard of, many publishers dismiss the display ads from their marketing campaigns. The reasons are obvious. Banner ads are considered to be hackneyed by many and the ROI simply isn’t there for others. However, if you want to promote your ebook or Kazakhstan Phone Number online, you might want to consider a remarketing campaign. Usually, the audience that lands on your website or Facebook page will be interested in reading or buying your flipbook/magazine. Both Facebook and Google allow you to create remarketing campaigns. I personally think that in advertising, context is king.

So If You Think Your Ad

Would be relevant to the audience you are advertising to, you should go for it. Creating an ad is the easy part. I personally recommend Creatopy due to the large number of customizable templates they have, but it really is a matter of preference. The tricky part is knowing where to target and how to approach an audience. You can read more about it here. display banner ads Social listening If you spent any time in public relations, you’re probably familiar with the term “clipping files”. Big companies used to hire agencies to read and research newspapers, magazines or watch TV to find mentions of a company, product or an individual.

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Today, however, this activity is completed by crawlers, and we created an entire industry around it. The so-called social listening technique works using software that constantly scans websites looking for specific keywords. While there are tons of tools that can help you look for specific stuff on the internet. I personally like Brand24. “Ok, well I’m a publisher, not a brand, how can this help me” you might say. Well, there are plenty of keywords you can follow. People tend to quote resources sometimes without linking back to you so usually you can’t trace that specific quote. So, in publishing you might put in your name as the author or the title of a book or perhaps, competitive book names that you might want to follow.

For A More Practical Approach

Let’s say you have a magazine where you promote a healthy lifestyle and most of your readers are vegans. A good practice would be to find out when people are writing on their blog about vegan recipes and track that specific keyword. You can later talk to the content creators and maybe work together, or promote your magazine through a relevant comment on their site. brand24 Infographics Infographics are cool. People tend to share infographics more than any other form of content, besides videos. Infographics are easy to read, and the visual elements are used to convey better the information. Thus, it has a better appeal to people.

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