other things. Matured is not associated with cheese in Germany. It’s a Falscher Freund! I think with a smile of Anneke from Nijmegen, who searched in vain for mature cheese in Kleve, Germany. Germans are avid cheese eaters and import more than a billion euros worth of cheese from our country (based on the export value in . But most Germans have never heard of ‘ mature Käse ‘If Anneke had asked about.

The Death Of Small Business Websites

It is true that the word ‘rent’ also exists in German, but the meaning is different! A German thinks of something completely different when he hears the word ‘Huren’ (read: ‘whores’)! To ensure that your Ecuador Phone Number website comes across as trustworthy Uncertainty avoidance in Germany is greater than in the Netherlands.* This means that people in Germany are less willing to take risks compared to the Netherlands. Ordering online.


Is Now Critical to Their Business

Of course also a risk! I know from my own experience that Germans generally attach more value to quality marks and Macedonia Phone Number certificates than the Dutch. These things offer the Germans extra safety and security. Of course, this also applies to flawless web texts that only contain ‘good friends’. Your website is your business card and you have to make sure that it comes across as reliable to the German target group. Germany german.

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