In my view, it is difficult for a webshop to be successful without a physical store these days, and a physical store cannot be successful without the link with e-commerce. Due to this shift, it is becoming increasingly important to also set up your webshop for your catchment area. Does your organization have physical locations? Then people will also be more inclined to go to the store if they have seen something online that they might want to buy.

Clearly indicate the stock

Think carefully about this in your strategy: where necessary, clearly show the stock of the relevant item on the product page for each location. If necessary, even create a separate landing page where only the offer from the relevant location is shown. Everything from the consumer.

Create a My Business profile on Google

Also implement structured data with the company data within your webshop. This helps Google understand where your business is located. Also optimize your My Business profile on Google. This will show your business information on Google Search, Maps and Google+. Use the Chief VP Sales Marketing Officers Email Lists keywords that are important to you in the description and add images. Does your company have multiple locations? Then register them all. Be consistent with the use of your company data everywhere. This way you have a better chance of ending up among the local search results (7-pack or 3-pack from Google).

Chief VP Sales Marketing Officers Email Lists

6. Clear Site Structure

More and more  niche shops are emerging. If this is your strategy, it may seem fairly easy to determine your site structure. Just keep in mind that your users might think very differently about it. Use tools such as card sorting for this, or ask consumers for their feedback. It can also work well to invite between six and ten customers: put them behind a screen and let them tell you how they experience it.

Search engines also love structure

But what’s important here for SEO in e-commerce? In addition to your visitors, the search engines also like structure. Find the balance between improving the site structure without having to make frequent adjustments. It can also help to make your shop score better on certain keywords with the site structure.

In addition to choosing a clear category structure, you should think about your internal link structure. The pages that have the most value to your business should get the most links and not be tucked away somewhere.

7. Ensure fast loading times

A slow webshop is one of the biggest annoyances of online shoppers. Various studies have shown that a fast site increases your conversion. For this reason alone, it is worth investing in speed.

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