Has it ever happened to you that when you find websites and enter them, the uncomfortable 404 error pages appear ? These famous pages, also known as ” 404 not found “, become a headache for both users and companies themselves. 404 error pages usually appear, generally, when the link was not implemented correctly, is poorly written, or when a technical error has occurred on the web page. The consequences of “404 not found” appearing to a user can be very bad for the company, because if he was looking for something and did not find it, then the possibility that he will visit your page again will be almost nil, and therefore therefore, your web positioning will be affected.

But then, what can we do in these cases? How to retain users and prevent them from getting a bad impression with 404 error pages? Well, in this article we will give you some actions to create creative 404 error pages and prevent users from Tunisia Phone Number a bad impression. 1.- Add interest to the design of the 404 error pages It is true that when a user sees this page, they will get a bad impression at first. However, there are many ways to reverse this and it is as follows: One of them is worrying about the customization of the website, in this case, the design of the 404 error page.

The Idea Is To Hook It

For this reason, it is recommended that a brand take the opportunity to create a 404 page with the same theme as its main web page. In other words, use the same colors or referential images that try to make the bad moment disappear. The goal of page customization is to provide you with solutions; therefore, it is important that within web design a brand explains what the problem is. Once explained, another idea is to give you options that take you to the home page or show you other content of interest. coca cola creative 404 error pages Website: Social Networks play an important role On the other hand, another way to prevent users from leaving your website is by placing social media links on the 404 error page.

Tunisia Phone Number

In this way, they are not only being redirected to another. Page where they can find what they were looking for. But it is possible that they become admirers of the brand on the social network. In addition, by entering a brand’s social network. It is possible that you can get some kind of direct support from the same company. From users who have experienced a similar problem. Istockphono creative 404 error pages Website: 4041 You may also be interested in the following topics.

Common Mistakes In Logo Design

And how to avoid them Tips to make your landing page more effective Tips to increase sales in your E-commerce. Tips to start your web project nintendo creative 404 error pages Website. Add the main website links Once the user is lost, he will need some kind of help. What better than the company to provide immediate solutions. In order to achieve this, one option is to place the main links. The website on the 404 error page. Examples of these links are the following: Start new posts Seeker Contact Ideally. They should not be more than 7, since the user will not want to read much. They only need the main or similar content where they can find what they were looking for.

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