Then read these 7 practical tips from Mett advisor Jasper Romania Phone Number Rudolph. Employer branding is not a fancy house style, no catchy slogan, no biggest marketing campaign, no handwritten card and no flashy careers website. Employer branding is connecting with your (future) employees through good employer ship. Connection = being in touch! With your own employees, with future employees and with former employees. It is a combination of transmitting, listening and interaction. This with the aim of building a relationship in both the short and the long term. But how do we deal with employer branding in the changing labor market? It is always there.

Do You “REALLY” Have a Custom Website

Not only when there is economic growth and scarcity of Indonesia Phone Number candidates on the labor market. Even in times of crisis, economic recession, vacancy freezes or outplacement of employees. It is precisely then that connecting with your target group is essential for creating ambassadorship. Employer branding & the changing labor market To show that employer branding always plays a role, I will go through 5 “trends” with you here. These are things I hear from recruiters, HR professionals and during MT sessions during my training. And of course I share my vision of how to deal with this. 1. Budget cuts As I wrote at the beginning of this article, employer branding doesn’t always have to be big and expensive.


The Changes That Website

Perhaps the launch of a careers website has been postponed or a recruitment campaign has been canceled due to a vacancy freeze. However, for an employer, this does not necessarily mean that this has a direct negative impact on your (online) visibility. However, it may require more creativity. For example, by creating content together with your current employees on their social channels, you stay in touch with your own people and you are visible in their online networks. 2. Fewer vacancies Employer branding often comes into play when we have a shortage of new employees. Vacancy texts – or even better vacancy videos – are often the first step of (direct) labor market communication within an employer branding strategy.

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