By now, almost every traditional printed magazine has made the leap towards the digital world. We can all agree that the future of this kind of publication is, indeed, digital. With 64% of people reading digital magazines on a monthly basis, there is a lot of competition. So, your content should be as interactive, engaging, and interesting to read as possible. You should be on creating an amazing reading experience, for your audience to grow, and your interactive magazine with it. Even though some famous magazines like Vogue still count on print for the majority of their profit, Cosmopolitan has made the leap from print to digital. With reaching 100,000 paid digital subscriptions early on, this success was considered a milestone for all print magazines.

It just goes to show that their solid foundation of subscribers will read this magazine on any platform. Stick around if you want to learn more about these interactive magazines and how you can reap the benefits of adding interactivity in your Singapore Phone Number publications. What is an interactive magazine? Interactive magazines include any digital publication that requires an action from the reader. These actions could include: clicks, swipe, or touch to perform different operations. Some examples of actionable elements would be links, videos, lead forms, photo slideshows, pop-up frames, buy buttons and so much more.

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Template below to see how enriched this digital magazine example is, after the added interactivity. Benefits of using interactivity in your magazines 1. Increase the time people spend reading your magazine You double and even triple the chances of your magazine being read simply by adding all sorts of interactive engaging elements. And by as many people as you are able to reach with it. Nobody wants to read a whole bunch of text, with nothing to enhance it. Get the job done with elements like eye-catching visuals, slow-paced GIFs, short videos, or other types of immersive media. Always put yourself in the reader’s shoes and try to predict what channel of engagement would work best for your niche and the subjects you tackle.

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You can truly take advantage of this benefit when you experiment with your interactive online magazine issues, every time you publish a new one. By doing so, you learn more and more about your audience and what their expectations are. 2. Establish an emotional connection with your readers This takes me to the next benefit. Which refers to establishing an emotional connection with your subscribers. Perhaps you haven’t considered interactivity as the element which would help you. Take a step forward in communicating with all types of readers. Think about it this way: you prompt the reader to actively click on any interactive element. Which you have prepared for him/her in the magazine’s pages.

In A Way, The Reader Becomes

A part of your magazine and thus, feels connected to it. If this is something you’ve struggled with in the past, it’s time to give interactivity a shot. You will be at how much of a difference it makes with your readers! 3. Strengthen your brand’s identity and appeal One of the most important requirements in any business transaction is trust. If customers don’t trust your business, if they have doubts about it being legit, they will not buy from you. The first step in building trust is getting your brand known. The next step is getting customers to connect with it. Since we already covered the part of getting customers to connect with your interactive digital magazine. We will dedicate this paragraph to building their trust.

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