It is particularly useful in the context of e-commerce. to display comparisons for example.


The table is an excellent way to summarize product characteristics.


It simplifies reading. and makes it clearer and more digestible for the reader.


On top of that. the WordPress table changes a bit from the traditional images in the feed.


But no question of doing it anyhow.


It is essential to use a WordPress table plugin to do this properly.


A plugin allows for example to simplify the possible modifications to be made.


So I went fishing for plugins. and I offer you six in this article.


Thrive Architect. the most complete WordPress table plugin

Thrive Architect is an ultra-complete WordPress Czech Republic Cell Phone Numbers plugin.


With this Plugin. page creation is very intuitive and simplified to the maximum thanks to its UX and its really well thought out UI.


It’s hard to get simpler when it comes to page construction!


And the table part is no exception to the rule.


With Thrive Architect. creating a WordPress table just got easier.


Moreover. it offers the major advantage of bringing together all the useful features of a page editor in a single plugin.


No need to download an additional plugin each time: Thrive Architect takes care of everything.


Everything you need is gathered in a single interface.


It is an ideal plugin to build any type of page with a responsive and efficient WordPress table inside.


The price of Thrive Architect: $24.9/month with all Thrive Suite plugins or alone for $97/year .


Click hereto get it for you.



TablePress. the easiest

TablePress is a well-known WordPress table plugin among users.


And for good reason: it’s the easiest way to create a table in WordPress.


This plugin does not require coding skills. since it also works in drag and drop.


Moreover. this WordPress table plugin is strangely close to Excel in its functionality.


It allows for example to insert calculation formulas. and to modify the data in one click as in Excel.


You will also have the possibility to synchronize your WordPress tables with Google Sheets.


TablePress is therefore suitable for those who do not know how to code at all.

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The only downside that we could find is that you have to buy extensions for premium services.


If you want a responsive WordPress table. you will have to buy the corresponding extension.


The price of TablePress: the plugin is free. but the 19 extensions offered are paid.


Click hereto get it for you.


DataSource. the most visual


With him. a single watchword: the visual.


It lets you create all kinds of WordPress tables that are both colorful and easy to read.


You can choose from many pre-installed themes.


The intuitive interface lets you manage your WordPress board with ease.


You also have the option of retrieving your tables directly from Excel or Google Sheets to import them into your WordPress site.


This WordPress table plugin is also compatible with WooCommerce. in order to create comparative tables for different products for example.


And of course. personalization is in the spotlight with DataSource.


You will be able to customize your WordPress tables. both in form and in dressing.


DataSource Pricing: This WordPress table plugin costs $23 per site.


Update : this plugin is no longer available for sale


League Table. the most versatile

If you have a large amount of data to import into your WordPress site. then League Table is the plugin for you.


It allows you to import bulk data from various files with just a few clicks.


All WordPress tables created under League Table are saved in XML format.


You can thus navigate them from one program to another without any problem.


This plugin also allows you to create a responsive WordPress table. in particular through the use of shortcodes.


All you have to do is import your data in XML format on WordPress. and customize your table.


And with some 135 customization tools. it’s safe to say you’re spoiled for choice.


Both simple and fast. the League Table plugin avoids having to create a WordPress table from scratch.


It’s an excellent choice for comparison tables. although it’s a little less suitable for e-commerce.


The price of League Table: the basic formula costs 23 dollars.


Click hereto get it for you.


Easy Table. the most minimalist


Easy Table is a totally open source WordPress table plugin.


That is to say. it is entirely managed by the community.


The big advantage is that you will never be alone with your difficulties in using this plugin.


Another advantage: Easy Table imports CSV files directly into WordPress in HTML format.


So you don’t have to worry about mastering the code. since the plugin generates it for you.


You can display your WordPress table in a page of your site. or directly in an article.


On the other hand. do not expect a host of features.


Because Easy Table lives up to its name: it is easy. but above all very minimalist.


It is therefore a good plugin for beginners. or those who only need a WordPress table once in a while.


The price of Easy Table: whoever says open source says free. Easy Table therefore costs nothing.





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