Mobile video is growing as a trend, as people prefer portable devices to computers and TVs. Watching something on the go has become a part of our lives, so businesses yet again have to adapt. By introducing bite-sized content and subtitle videos, brands increase the chances that their marketing efforts won’t go in vain. It will be interesting to watch what develops as the next decade progresses.

What to Expect?

Video has not always been around, but it is definitely here to stay for a long time. Its evolution is inescapable. With this in mind, here are some of the upcoming marketing trends that we can expect in the next two to three years.

Live Streaming

As brands seek ways to incorporate video into their overall marketing plan, the top video marketing trends will likely center around live video streaming. Big brands like Apple and Microsoft live stream product launches, demos, and Q&A sessions in order to get to even wider audiences. Smaller businesses can also make a name for themselves by live-streaming events on YouTube, IGTV, or even Twitch. That said, if a brand can find a Armenia WhatsApp Number List way to incorporate an interactive element into its upcoming campaign, it may just be the ticket to success.

Online Tools

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As internet penetration is increasing around the world, the need for video content will grow significantly. Internet users expect to see visually compelling content delivered in a timely and consistent fashion. As a result, marketers must invest in handy tools that help them create and publish engaging videos that engage with their audience and draw attention. The sooner that brands develop a solid strategy for delivering content, the greater chance they’ll be able to capitalize on this growing marketing opportunity.

Shorter Forms of Content

Incoming trends will focus heavily on short videos due to the expansion of clip thinking. This means that in addition to producing highly professional videos, brands must also focus on creating engaging and concise content.

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