Sitemaps to index your pages the pages that we want to be indexed, but that resist google, we can index them using sitemaps. It’s not necessary for small sites, and it’s not required either, but it can help index those pages that google doesn’t want to appear in search engines. A sitemap is the perfect element when you want to integrate your website with google Qatar Phone Number, assuming that its internal linking is poor or that its structure prevents google from being able to crawl it and find the pages that should be indexed. In addition, the sitemap allows other more advanced functions to be carried out.

Such as Indicating to Google

The frequency with which new content is changed or added, and in this way the index can be updated correctly. The clearest and easiest way to create a sitemap is to use for it. Deciding which pages of our website are going to be indexed in google is. A task that falls in the hands of the search engine itself. Although we must establish which are the pages that we want. To index and which are not, it is google who, eventually, has the power to decide. Crawling or indexing your web page in google is an essential method to appear in search engines and thus increase the traffic of your web page.

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In other articles we have made clear some tips for effective indexing in google. We hope you have enjoyed this article! They will reduce the bounce rate and increase conversions. Accessibility making websites accessible is not a trend, but an obligation for companies. It is about making sites accessible to all types of users, regardless of the capabilities of each one. We must take more into account people with functional diversity when we are going to design our website.

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