Popper Android iOS 05 pimple popper Drilling buttons is fun! At least that’s what the developer of the Pimple Popper app is trying to prove to us. When asked why we Senegal Email List should be tempted by this mobile game, he replies “because it’s so disgusting and at the same time it makes you addicted”. Apparently, he found the right argument, because already more than 10 million mobile users have downloaded this free game for Android and iPhone. 6 – iNap @ Work iOS inap @ work The iNap @ Work application automatically emits desktop sound effects, such as mouse clicks, keyboard keys or even the rustling of paper, to allow its user to take a nap at the office without anyone having to take a nap.

Report it. 06 inap @ work 2 It is of course possible to change the frequency of each noise. So far, only iPhone users have been able to take advantage of iNap @ Work, enough to make Android fans envy. 7 – Ghost Radar Classic Android iOS 07 ghost radar classic Do you believe in ghosts? The Ghost Radar Classic app may be able to convince you of their existence. Its developers define it as a tool for analyzing energy fields in the environment and recording paranormal activity. It’s guaranteed: the very day of its first launch, the application will confirm the presence of ghosts in your surroundings and even allow you to hear them.

She Will Say Something Nice

On the other hand, to understand them, you will need to have some knowledge of English, because, strangely, ghosts do not want to communicate with us in another language. This small downside, however, did not prevent this application for iPhone and Android from having tens of millions of downloads and, in addition, from being highly rated. 8 – Hold the Button iOS 08 Hold The Button This is how this unusual game works: after launching the app, the image of a fingerprint appears on the screen. Put your finger there and keep it as long as possible. 08.


Hold-The-Button-2 When you finally release the button, you will be able to compare your performance with that of thousands of other players. 9 – Crack Your Screen Prank Android 09. crack-your-screen-prank-1 With this free app, your smartphone screen will appear cracked or scratched, and you can use another app at the same time. With the option “delayed crack” which only cracks the screen after a certain time of use of the smartphone, Crack Your Screen Prank will also allow you to prank your loved ones. 09 crack your screen prank 2 This app for Android has already been downloaded millions of times. It’s simple, funny and, as one of the users suggests, not entirely devoid of usefulness:

To Hear From Time To Time

Convenient for those who take public transport to avoid snatching. They’re not going to steal a phone with the broken screen because it’s hard to resell. 10 – Taxi Hold’em iOS 10. taxi-holdem Designed for the faint-hearted who are worried that taxi drivers might not notice them, this app is doing the whistle for you. Also, if you tilt your iPhone horizontally, the word “TAXI” is displayed in very vivid colors. 10 taxi holdem 2 Before using it, don’t forget to activate Crack Your Screen Prank so as not to tempt thieves. 11 – SMTH Android 11. SMTH If you like risk, SMTH might be for you.

Easy and very intuitive, the game consists of throwing the smartphone in the air to make it fly for as long as possible .  The sensors count the time, and the scores are recorded in the app to keep track of the player’s performance. This little tool can be a source of entertainment with friends, as one of the comments proves: I loved this app because my friend’s phone is broken. It really made me laugh. You are geniuses, the creators. However, it also has the merit of helping the economy by increasing sales of smartphones…

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