Sharing a web page with quality content on social networks often allows you to obtain some natural backlinks from blogs, forums, etc. Link fishing with link baiting This is Philippines Email Lists by far the preferred netlinking strategy. The Link baiting or  bait links  involves capturing external links naturally, without asking creation. The implementation of link baiting is relatively simple: it is enough to produce interesting content, to promote it and to monitor the creation of natural links. This is the netlinking technique recommended by Google. Buying an expired domain name Depending on your strategic SEO choices, buying an expired domain name may be an attractive option under certain conditions.

For example, be careful not to buy a domain penalized by Google . Sites like offer expired domains for sale. You will find areas there at all prices and in all themes. Beyond the price, they provide the following information: availability (immediate or not) , the date the domain was added, the age of the domain, its Google PageRank, Ahrefs rank and Majestic SEO metrics ( Trust Flow TF and Citation Flow CF) DOMRAIDER domain name purchase for netlinking Once your domain is purchased, simply use it with setting up a 301 redirect or leverage it again by going up a site. To increase the number of your backlinks without risking the sanction by Penguin, the technique of netlinking to privilege is undoubtedly the link baiting.

What Are These Latest Features?

The latest version  was released in September 2016 and  is named after jazzman Park Frederik “Pepper” Adams III. We are going to present to you some new WordPress features released during the year 2016. New very ”Responsive“ WordPress features The beginning of the year saw the arrival of a new default theme (Twenty Sixteen) and above all the possibility of having more easily “Responsive” images. For this, version 4.4 therefore introduces the “customizer” which will be further improved in version 4.5. And what is the “customizer” for? Thanks to it, the webmaster can quickly verify that your site is ” Responsive-design “, which amounts to saying pleasant to see for your visitors, on a tablet or a mobile phone.


Among various statistics, we can note that in France each “mobile user” spends an average of 58 minutes per day surfing on his phone. Purchases via a mobile phone increased by 39% in 2015 after an increase of 60% in 2014. (Source Les Échos) All the signals are in the green and as much to say that your site must be  or become Responsive Design. To find out if you are, you can test your site and discover some of our “ theme design ”. Natural reference But let’s go back to the release of version 4.5 in April 2016, where again WordPress optimizes the images generated without losing quality. This therefore allows a  faster  loading time of the site and a   more efficient natural referencing .

And There Again There Are Novelties

SEO logogoogle SEO logo Version 4.6.1 released in September 2016 (remember “Pepper” the jazzman) brings two notable improvements. In addition to better security thanks to new  updates,  it also allows: It is up to the webmaster to save his work continuously , for the client it is a better guarantee of respect for the delivery deadlines of his site. To hunt for “broken links” when uploading. Avoid 404 pages (page not found) which will not be read by Internet users or search engines. Indeed, we know that inbound “ backlinks ” allow better referencing but that broken links can heavily penalize your site in terms of user experience. This article takes up some of the latest features of WordPress and  allows us to see that the CMS deserves its place as a leader. And to finish with a little jazz tune …

Why and how to check your backlinks? As part of a Netlinking strategy, it is important to regularly check your backlinks. This check of inbound links allows you to: check that artificial backlinks are still present, analyze the quality and relevance of all your inbound links, identify unwanted inbound links to report them, track the progress of acquiring natural links. You can check your backlinks with  Google Search Console  ( Search traffic> Links to your site) and Bing Webmaster. You can also use more comprehensive SEO tools such as those offered by Majestic SEO, Ahrefs or Open Site Explorer. These paid tools provide more information about your backlinks. They also have the advantage of listing more than Google Search Console .

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