We call a query composed of several words the long tail , it represents more than 80% of the Bulgaria Email List queries typed on search engines. You use a long tail query when, for example, you need an answer to the question: what is a keyword? Long tail key phrases are also used when searching for a business near you. You then type a query of the type: store + type of store + name of the city. These are so-called geolocated searches and use local referencing techniques . The use of long tail queries will certainly increase with the rise of voice search, on the contrary generic key expressions (1 or 2 words) will be used less. This parameter must be taken into account when choosing the right keywords.

Unfortunately in reality, everything is not so simple, a good keyword can be very competitive and your chances of appearing in good position on Google will be very limited. The competition and popularity of a keyword are criteria to take into account when making choices.f the competition is too strong on a keyword, it will consider finding an alternative and exploit the long tail. Gone are the days when it was enough to fill in the “keywords” meta tag with lots of keywords. In addition, the arrival of artificial intelligence with the rankbrain algorithm  adds an unknown factor in the search for the right key expressions.

But what is this funny bird?

Like any algorithm, Google Hummingbird can be seen as a new constraint on webmasters. But it is fairer to see it as an opportunity : that of providing Internet users with high added value content, adapted to their needs, desires and expectations. The web can only be better for it. others have a real influence in your improvement of the SEO of your site. The analysis of the search traffic allowing you to know which keyword helped the Internet user to find your site. The HTML, CSS and JavaScript files are in particular optimally coded in order to obtain a fast loading of each page of the website, but also in order to consume the least possible resources with the computer of each visitor.


Offers too good to be true. Prices much lower than those of the competition. A site with the contact form and / or with an unsecured payment page with an SSL certificate . The presence of numerous spelling errors. If the presence of numerous spelling errors was previously the main indicator of a deceptive site, scammers have now made efforts at this level. In fact, go further in your research before trusting a merchant site. In order to verify once and for all that a commercial site is not fraudulent: verify the company name by consulting its general conditions of use or its legal notices. It is in this section of the site that you will find the company’s Siren to check on the company.com site , in order to see if it really corresponds to a registered and active company.

How does Google’s Colibri work?

It thus makes it possible to pose a large quantity of voice requests pronounced in a natural way, even if its triggering process is not as natural as during a discussion, thus separating the man from the machine. The assistant also authorizes the recording of Google requests, in particular if the answer provided requires additional information, which allows you to do further research later on a television or even on a computer. The ability to search Google through Google Home will certainly result in an increase in the number of voice searches.  This growth in voice searches is an important criterion to take into account in your SEO strategy. Finally, another of its strong points is the Voice Match function which distinguishes several voices and adapts.

Regarding its restrictions, Google Home does not appreciate being cut off in full speech and does not conceptualize the requests. It is, in fact, impossible to chain two questions in a row without going through the famous “ OK Google ” before formulating a second question. However, the giant Google, which constantly improves the performance of the speaker through recurring updates, is working among other things precisely on these restrictions, to be continued … Control the household’s connected equipment by voice Google Home is compatible with more than 1,500 connected devices from more than 200 brands  and can thus control various devices in a household, such as, among others, all Nest products, Philips Hue connected bulbs or Arlo surveillance cameras.

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