Be careful, therefore: if you want to optimize the visibility of your page so that it is accessible to as Malaysia Email List many users as possible, you should not be satisfied with working on indexing! In reality, indexing and referencing are rather two complementary stages . Indexing is the process by which search engine robots will access your web pages, read them (during the “crawl”, from one hyperlink to another) , then “index” them in the servers. dedicated. The pages are thus archived in a database from which the engine’s algorithm will be able to extract them wisely, according to the requests made by Internet users.

This indexing step can be facilitated by you, in particular by respecting the prerequisites of search engines in terms of structuring of pages and content (Hn tags, Robots.txt file , sitemap , internal linking, etc.)  ; and using a programming language that engines understand. But there you have it: indexing alone is not enough. An indexed but unreferenced page is not necessarily visible to Internet users, including when they type the corresponding keywords. To do this, the page must first be well referenced, that is to say be worked according to the different levers specific to natural referencing , in particular.

The Reverse Is Not Uncommon Either

In short, indexing and referencing go together . Your web pages are like articles in a clothing store: it is not enough to have received and listed the products in stock, it is also necessary to put them forward on the shelves so that customers can see them and can buy them ! Difference, yes, but complementarity: these are the links that unite indexing and referencing, against all odds.  It is commonly estimated, in the world of SEO, that 70% of indexed pages are not correctly referenced and have all the difficulties in the world to come out in response to requests from Internet users.


As it stands, they are similar to files that the administration would have placed at the bottom of the pile, with little chance of being unearthed one day or another. However, beyond indexing, which is essential, SEO is what allows a page to gain visibility in search engine results, and thus to find its audience. The more SEO levers are used, the more the page will climb in the results, and the more it will attract traffic generating conversions, therefore customers, therefore turnover, etc. Classification systems in typefaces have developed.

End Up In Pole Position With Someone Else

Typography is essential to make all your communication media attractive. What should I know about typography? To index is to classify. But referencing is making your web pages stand out from the billions of other pages that abound on the Web! The typography has an essential role in the legibility and effectiveness of the message you wish to convey. It is the work of writing and spaces. What is typo? What is its origin ? What role does it play in your communication? Typography can be defined as the art of assembling characters to create sentences and then print them. The letters have a definitively fixed form.

The term “character” is specific to typography and printing uses. By definition, “It is a part intended to receive an oily ink and to be pressed on a support to leave its imprint” . Typography is linked to the history of printing, especially since the first movable type was intended for printing. Printing and typography appeared in the West. The first book printed in Europe is the Forty-two-Line Latin Bible by Johanes Gutenberg. During the Renaissance, the humanists based their success on mastering the “power of printing” and contributed to the “influence” of typography. Technical progress and the evolution of industry have boosted the development of printing, particularly publishing and the press.

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