The objective is to improve the strategic knowledge of the territory analyzed in order to optimize management and commercial development. The sensory Jordan Email Address marketing  strengthens the identity and differentiation of a product or service. It values ​​one or more senses of the consumer to optimize his attractiveness and encourage him to buy. Sensory marketing is concerned with your 5 senses with tactile, taste, visual, auditory and olfactory marketing. It brings together all of the “non-traditional” marketing techniques such as mobile marketing and guerilla marketing. Also known as street marketing, this marketing technique consists of carrying out operations to promote a brand in public places.

Tactical media offer direct and privileged contact between the company, the brand and the consumer, for example advertising objects. There are other marketing techniques, some of which are very confidential, such as neuromarketing or even nurturing marketing. The storytelling is a tool whose main goals, to capture attention, to pass a message to a target arousing emotion. Taken from a true story or simply from a legend, a story brings the image of a brand or a product closer to its target and offers it added value. With all these techniques, marketing is a decision-making tool in order to best meet the expectations of consumers and clients. Besides, do you know the marketing mix  ?

Storytelling Or The Art Of Telling

To develop your business, take the time to brainstorm before opting for one or more marketing techniques ! If you are looking for complete SEO tools to boost your natural referencing, Yooda INSIGHT is for you! Digital market monitoring dedicated to SEO performance, competitive analysis and keyword analysis and research . SEO analysis and reporting software to audit an entire website and identify blocking factors. SEEURANK also allows you to carry out positioning audits with your own keywords. Automated registration in directories to facilitate the acquisition of inbound links ( backlink ) during a netlinking campaign . Yooda, digital performance monitoring specialist. Discover our SEO solutions and software. (source:


This article is dedicated to the discovery of  Yooda INSIGHT.  Yooda SEEURANK and Yooda SUBMIT will be the subject of other publications. SEO INSIGHT 2 is the latest of the three SEO software from It offers interesting features for keyword research, competition analysis and thematic positioning control. INSIGHT 2 claims ” the largest Search Marketing FR database  ” INSIGHT is an online SEO tool available in two versions. By creating a FREEMIUM account, you access the free version, you will then test some features of the SEO software such as the SEO performance of your website.The audit of the natural referencing performance of your website and those of your competitors (SEO benchmark) ,

Seo Agencies And All Seo And Marketing

SITE PERFORMANCE give you an overview of your position on the 1 st page of Google on 25 keywords. You also audit your competitors’ websites for the keywords they have targeted. With the PREMIUM version (paid) , you have access to all the features of the SEO tool without any restrictions , you then get the complete list of search expressions on which one of your web pages is positioned. For each audit, of your site or that of your competitor, SITE PERFORMANCE provides you with the following information: The number of search phrases on which your site is present (in 1 st page on , he list of competing sites positioned on the same expressions as you, An estimate of SEO traffic (traffic from Google) captured by your website,

The evolution of the number of page on your site positioned in 1 st page on, Your evolution in the INSIGHT ranking according to the SEO traffic obtained via Performance of the websitePERFORMANCE SITE, December 2021. For each search expression (keyword) , INSIGHT gives you the following data: The search expression in question, The exact position of the expression on Google, The URL of the positioned page, The number of monthly searches for the audited expression on Google, The estimated traffic on the expression (depending on your position) , Competition on expression,

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