To designate the development of a relationship with prospects, in order to offer them an offer adapted to Spain Email List their context and their level of interest in your products and services. To conclude, Content Marketing is one of the strongest trends in web marketing , just like SEO, community management  and AdWords campaigns . As for the benefits for your business? Lead generation, SEO improvement, relaunching of “cold” prospects and customers, recognition of expertise (more legitimacy and credibility) , increase in web traffic, additional virality on social networks … If you want to know more, do not hesitate to contact us  ! Google’s search results on mobile.

Test your site with Google’s new mobile compatibility tool. ZEN READING Responsive siteUpdated on October 23, 2020 A responsive site is essential to remain visible on mobile! Google has confirmed twice since the start of the year that the weight of the SEO criterion “mobile compatibility” has been reinforced in its algorithm. What is a responsive site? How to test your website and what are the consequences for a site that is not? Reminder: What is a responsive site? It is a website whose design offers a comfortable browsing experience on all types of terminals (PC, Smartphones, tablets, TV) .

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Visitors to a responsive site can thus maintain the same browsing comfort on all screen sizes with an adapted design. It can also navigate without resorting to horizontal scrolling and without having to zoom. It promotes user experience  and Google loves it! transition to mobile compatible siteSource: One of the latest Google announcements: Last year, we added mobile adaptation (mobile-friendly or not) to our positioning criteria in mobile search results. Starting in May, we’ll be rolling out an update for mobile search results to increase the impact of this criterion so that mobile internet users can find more pages that are relevant and relevant to the devices they use.


March 16, 2016) How to test your website? Google announced on May 20, 2016 the availability of a new mobile compatibility test tool, you can access it directly from your Google Search Console account . If you don’t have this access Google has it covered and you can access the test directly from here mobile-friendly Google explores the code of the transmitted web page and if your site is responsive, you will get: responsive google test site If your site is not mobile friendly, you will get: non responsive site Your site can also be considered responsive with some improvements to be made. In this case Google guides you.

Do You Have A Responsive Design Site?

And it tells you the corrections to make to make your site mobile compatible . What consequences for a non responsive site? Beyond the obvious benefits for the user experience, the successive evolutions of Google’s algorithm on the subject all go in the same direction: to provide quality search results adapted to the terminal used by the Internet user. GOOGLE viewportSource: For a non-responsive site, the consequences in terms of  positioning and visibility will be increasing. Google favors, in its search results, sites suitable for mobile navigation. If your site is still not responsive, don’t wait any longer to react and contact us !

Woice searchUpdated October 19, 2021 The first work on the voice search, known as voice recognition, from the early XX th century. Since its evolution is rapid! Speech remains by far the main vector of information and communication in our society. voice search Speech recognition and its origins Voice search is a computer technique for analyzing speech. The human voice is picked up by a microphone and then transcribed into machine-readable text. The voice recognition or speech recognition was born in 1952 with the recognition of 10 figures by a wired electronic device.  It is the first system considered as making voice recognition.

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