Until the age of computers, the publishing domain was reserved exclusively to print shops. Now, magazines are designed in house and only the printing job is externalized. Editors and designers work together and use publishing software for creating the layout, the covers and the graphics of a magazine, a brochure, a newspaper and so on. Publishing software is now available everywhere, starting with the photo editor we use to design a book cover up to the design of a receipt or an invoice layout. There are many desktop publishing programs and software available, each with its own good and bad parts.

However, in this article I will try to explain the need of a digital publishing platform as well and why merging the two technologies may be a good choice for everybody. First, let’s start with some basic information: What is desktop publishing Namibia Phone Number good for? You can use DTP software for a large variety of tasks. Basically, almost everything that gets published or printed, is created, edited and designed with publishing software. Here are some examples that I am sure everybody knows a few things about: Magazines Catalogues Brochures Calendars Newspapers Invitations and greeting cards Certificates Posters Resumes Technical documentation and operating manuals.

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Things desktop publishing software may be used for. Thus it is almost impossible to define it as a tool with a straight up destination. However, we can narrow its usefulness to the following tasks: Design (graphical and layout). This is the main use of the digital publishing software. Professional graphic designers use programs such as QuarkXPress, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop in order to create the layout of pages, their graphical design and the covers of the books and magazines. There is much confusion among professionals, but one thing is for certain: Graphical design and DTP are two distinct things.

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While graphical design refers only to the part of visual creation, DTP includes everything, from the visual styles to the layout of a page and the insertion of texts, images and other elements. Education. DTP software, especially word processors, pay an important part in the education process of these days. Students are using these programs to write down and print their assignments while teachers use them to write their courses and class schedules. They are not as sophisticated as the software programs used for magazines and newspapers but still, they are digital publishing programs that are quite useful for simple tasks. Career. People from all around the world are using DTP software. Word processors to write down their resumes, cover letters or to edit their portfolios.

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Software for these tasks but still, you need a couple of programs for creating a template. Editing a text and processing or adding a few photos. Business tasks. You can run a business without using desktop publishing software but still. If you want to be successful, these days, there’s no way around. You need DTP to create business cards, advertising materials and if you run a website, downloadable content. Most popular desktop publishing software and who makes them. Adobe is probably the most popular name in this line of work. Their suite of apps includes Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. The later being the most used desktop publishing app for editors.

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