We have prepared a list of tips to optimize Calls to Action within your website. We believe it is important to mention that these tips are aimed at improving the SEO positioning of your web portal and increasing the usability of this channel. Likewise, we believe it is essential to mention the reason why you should have this type of action. Calls to action are buttons that are placed around a website and lead users to complete actions that are favorable for the business. Call to action options vary in elements, size and style depending on what type of action you want to be taken within your website. We emphasize that the most common functions are to add an item to your cart, subscribe and download buttons.

Here are some tips for creating effective call-to-action buttons for your website. 1. Place your calls to action at the top of the page We think it’s a good idea that your calls to action always appear on the screen at the time you load the website . This way, you’ll grab attention as soon as the user lands on the page and make sure they see it. It is worth mentioning that all the complementary information should go at the bottom of the web page so as not to Uganda Phone Number the attention of the button and not burden the reader with elements. Likewise, it is important to emphasize that this advice will ensure you improve the usability of your website since the user will find everything faster and easier.

Placing The Call To Action

Button at the top will also make your website more dynamic and attractive. For these reasons, we believe that you should not miss the opportunity to catch the user as soon as he enters your website. 2. Highlight additional information There will be situations where it may be a good idea to include an additional line below the main text of your call to action button. In general, the information that is included is related to the price, outstanding characteristics or shipping qualities. We consider it important to highlight the additional information because by giving the user more information, it will improve the probability that they will be encouraged to click on it .

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Likewise, we emphasize that it is not always applied since it depends on. The quality of the information, but when used well it can significantly improve the CTR. 3. Take advantage of text size The text size of your call to action buttons. Should be large enough to be easy to read and catch the eye. Also, these should not be too big and conspicuous as they can look intimidating to the wearer. We know that it may sound strange to say that a button is intimidating. But several studies show that unconsciously people feel uncomfortable. Therefore, it is important to use a size that is consistent with the design of your website.

Limit The Number Of Buttons

To action Various studies show that when a human being is given more options. They tend to lose focus and it often becomes difficult to make a decision. In other words, by giving a user many call-to-action buttons to choose from on your website. You will negatively affect the probability that they will convert . For this reason, you must carry out a study of your target. Your objectives to choose to place the necessary buttons. In terms of the number of buttons, less is more. In the event that multiple buttons need to be included, make sure the offer hierarchy is clear. 5. Think about the button shape of your calls to action. The shape of your button can also have drastic effects on its effectiveness.

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