Now click on the ‘advanced settings’ above the title. Make sure the correct video location is entered: I chose Breda. YouTube changes it itself to the correct coordinates. Language must of course be Dutch. Once that’s OK, you can upload your video.

Step 4: Wait & result

It’s a matter of time. With this method, the videos usually rank within two to three hours. This depends on how well you’ve performed and how tough is the niche you want to rank for. I’ve been tracking the progress of my video by checking its position in Google every now and then.

Four hours after the upload, I saw the video “ranking” for the first time. The video was ranked 1 for the search term ‘buy toe shoes breda’. So a local search term. The video also appeared in 2nd place with the search terms ‘toe CEO Email Lists shoes breda’ and at 11th with the terms ‘buy toe shoes’. After five hours, the video appeared at position 2 for the search terms ‘toe shoes Breda’ and at position 14 (out of a total of 400,000+ results) with ‘buy toe shoes’.

CEO Email Lists

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After 11 a.m., the video also came in second in Google’s video search with the terms “toe shoes.” The next day, after 7pm, the video had position 8 on ‘buy toe shoes’.

Use YouTube’s high domain authority

This is a nice way to rank quickly and take advantage of YouTube’s high domain authority . I’m surprised that more marketers haven’t tackled this in a creative way. It is probably not the new way of marketing, but it is a nice gimmick to, for example, have a company video or product video rank for certain search terms. Even on the more difficult search terms, with some good links, it won’t be difficult to get to the top.

In one of my next articles I will show you how to rank with a more difficult search term. By the way, I’ve posted the video as ‘ unlisted ‘, so you can’t find it in the Google search results anymore. This video and the YouTube channel came in first to third place in the search results every time you typed in my name. I don’t want to be known as the toe shoe connoisseur.  SEO is great!

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