We can all agree that the Harry Potter phenomenon is one of the best things that has ever happened to the world. From little kids to grandparents, every person has heard about the young and brave wizard Harry Potter who’s fighting against the evil and dark Lord Voldemort. I can bet that all of you have seen the movies several times, but have you all read the amazing books? I must admit, the books are as good as the movies and I really enjoyed both of them. To be honest, I really can’t pick aside. And why not enjoy the best of both worlds if you have the option? It comes as no surprise that the Harry Potter books written by the amazing by J.K. Rowling are the best-selling series of all time.

I’m not sure if many of you remember this, but the first Harry Potter book series appeared in 1997 and were published by Bloomsbury! Feeling old, right? And since then, they have been printed and reprinted all over the world. Some countries chose to use the original cover of Bloomsbury when they published the translated version of the books, but Costa Rica Phone Number chose to design the covers themselves instead. Therefore, there are some designs that are simple, depicting real scenes from the books, and there are also childish and cartoonish covers that are a little bit too abstract. Today’s article presents a selection of different Harry Potter book covers from all over Europe, the United States, and even countries from Asia.

It’s Amazing To Discover

How each of the book cover styles gives off such different feelings, even though they all feature the same plot. Have I made you curious? Good! This means you’re ready to take a visual ride into the magical realm of Harry Potter book covers. Join us into this beautiful and colorful adventure! 1. The United Kingdom Old UK Harry Potter edition harry potter book covers uk This is the very first edition of Harry Potter series that was ever published! These original covers were done by the Bloomsbury team in 1997 and we also know that Thomas Taylor did the illustrations. They look pretty good and neat for those years, don’t you agree? But do you know what makes these UK Harry Potter book covers very popular and attractive? The fact that Australia, Canada and India chose to also use them.

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New UK Harry Potter edition harry potter uk new The same Bloomsbury publishing house decided to remake the Harry Potter book covers in 2014, and they really did an amazing job. We’ve heard that Jonny Duddle is the guy that did the illustration part. From my point of view, the new edition looks way more awesome than the previous one! They visually represent the important moments within the plot better and are more vivid and realistic. These polished new covers also invite you to step into the Harry Potter world! 2. The United States of America Old USA Harry Potter edition covers usa Here is the first American edition that appeared in 1997. Was published by Scholastic. The first thing people notice when they see these Harry Potter book covers is the fact that. The title is not the same as the English version.

It Was Changed To Sorcerer’s Stone

Because the American publishers believed that children won’t read the books if they have “philosopher” word in the title. The Brazilian editions also picked these covers for their translated versions of the book. Covers usa curtain detail Mary GrandPré is the one who illustrated this edition. She is a big fan of Harry Potter and this thing can be remarked. When analyzing her illustrations for the covers. For instance, you can clearly observe that she was very careful to depict details. Did you notice the curtains framing Sorcerer’s Stone and Deathly Hallows? They certainly suggest the opening and closing of this story.

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