In the case of a photo for the web, the mention “photo credit” can be replaced by a digital watermark , also called  digital watermark or digital watermark . Digital watermarking Malta Email List allows you to add visible or invisible copyright information to a file. You can also find DR meaning “Rights Reserved” on a photograph. This mention allows the use of images of the war and the circulation of information even if the author is not identified. The use of this term “Rights reserved” has been abused since the end of the 1970s. According to the 1993 code of practice for photographic illustration.

Concerning the so-called “royalty-free” image banks , the images are deposited voluntarily by their author for a financial consideration when they are purchased by clients such as advertising agencies, for example. The pricing conditions vary depending on the size of the photo (XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL) and the type of license (Standard or Extended) . The AntheDesign agency uses its own creations or photos purchased from the Fotolia image bank to communicate on its website. This notice is specified on the legal notice page . When using a photograph, an image on the Web or on a print medium, it is mandatory to specify the mention of the photographic credit. The author of the photo must therefore risk of ambiguity.

Its Definition And Use

A sitemap, also called a sitemap, is a file in XML format. What is a sitemap and what is its role? When a photograph is used on a website or blog, its author can request that the photo credit send a link to their website or portfolio. A  sitemap  is a site map in XML (Extensible Markup Language) . It takes the form of a file containing an enriched list of internal URLs of a website. A sitemap provides search engines with information about the nature of a website’s internal URLs. Without it, some URLs would not be discovered by robots. If for example a URL of your site is not linked by any other URL, then it is impossible for a robot to index it without the sitemap.


Indexing robots (Googlebot for example) therefore need a sitemap to discover all the URLs of your website. The sitemap also provides search engines with metadata relating to the pages listed. This metadata informs search engines with information such as the date of the last modification of a web page, its frequency of update or its importance in the website. Search engines use the information contained in the sitemap to optimize the SEO of your website. The crawlers of the search engines Google, Yahoo! and Microsoft follow the same Sitemap protocol. A document describing the XML schema is also available on the site.

What Is A Photo Credit?

All other tags are optional. Support for these optional tags varies from search engine to search engine. A sitemap cannot list more than 50,000 URLs and the size of an XML file cannot exceed 10MB (10,485,760 bytes) . To better understand the importance of a sitemap, a quick decryption of the functioning of indexing robots (also called Crawlers, Web spiders or even Bots) is necessary. To discover and index the different pages of your website, Googlebot (and other robots) proceed as follows.  Googlebot finds your site via a link and first analyzes the Robots.txt file . (if the robots.txt file exists, the path to the sitemap must be specified there, example.

This procedure is repeated several times until the complete crawl of your website. Once all the links have been explored, all that remains for Google to do is index your web pages. The robots will visit your site at a frequency dependent on updates to it. The more frequent the updates of your site, the more it is visited by the robots. To conclude, the importance of the presence of a sitemap is linked to the following observation: if a URL of your website is inaccessible by the root or via its descendant URLs, the robots will not be able to find and index it . Optimize your traffic sources to bring visitors to your site, and convert them into customers. But what are the sources to favor?

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