Confined to research and the military, it is increasingly present in our daily lives, particularly in the following areas. The consumer can try before validating his purchase. Augmented reality in e-commerce with Ikea San Marino Email List Recommendations for the use of augmented reality in e-commerce Before using augmented reality in e-commerce, it is essential to follow these five recommendations: adapt its strategy, target and marketing positioning  to its professional activity, create a fluid and intuitive experience for the user, support the user in the discovery of virtual reality, complement the virtual reality offer with other key factors in the purchasing process, support the launch of its augmented reality application with a communication campaign .

Source: Interview with Anaëlle Rigal, Web Project Manager | article written by Grégory Maubon in “Association for the promotion of Augmented Reality” To conclude, Augmented reality is on the rise! In the case of e-commerce, it optimizes your marketing strategy . She also has a bright future in the areas of play, The advertisement, marketing. According to a study by London agency Zenith Opti media, it will be in the top six marketing trends still relevant in 25 years. Deutsche Bank Research predicts significant economic growth for augmented reality. Its use changes our daily lives and other changes related to the evolution of technology are yet to come! In the meantime, augmented reality has a bright future ahead!

Go France Pokemon Go Plus

Go has been breaking all records in Japan and several countries since July 06. Since July 24 it has been a hit in France! Why does this game unleash so much passion? How much does he earn? ZEN READING pokemon go mobile-appUpdated October 31, 2021 Pokémon Go, what is it? The 1 st Pokémon game (Pocket Monsters Green and Red) was released in 1996. With Pokémon Blue and Pokémon Yellow, Pokémania was launched with more than 30 million sales on Game Boy as a consequence. No one can ignore the Pokémon motto “Catch Them All!” Pokémon was then produced in films, series, manga … In total, more than 280 million products derived from the Pokémon brand have been sold around the world. Source:


The Pokemon Company | pokemon jp pokemon As soon as it was released, the Pokémon Go game signed Niantic (formerly Google’s internal start-up)  became more popular than Instagram , Snapchat and Messenger. It explodes all records with more than 100 million downloads worldwide as of August 2, 2016! Pokémon Go is a free downloadable mobile application for iPhone and Android mobiles. The objective of the game is to capture Pokémon “pocket monsters” in the real world, in your office, on a road, in a store,… A Pokémon is an animal living in full harmony with humans. The best known of them is called Pikachu.

The Rest Of The Profits Will Be Shared Between

Pikachu Pokémon Go generated more revenue on July 12 than all the other mobile games combined. In just two weeks, Pokémon GO managed to beat the record set by Candy Crush Saga over months. Candy Crush Saga was considered until then as the biggest success in the world of mobile applications. Source  : Slice Intelligence firm and Le Monde magazine Nintendo Company even designed a small device called “ Pokémon Go plus ”. The player can follow the game in real time, without even looking at their phone. The Pokémon Go Plus is linked to the Smartphone by Bluetooth. The player is warned by an LED and vibrations when events occur in the game (the appearance of a Pokémon for example).

How much does Pokémon Go earn? Pokémon Go would have generated 200 million dollars of income in one month of existence according to SensorTower! Pokémon Go is already a real jackpot for its creator Niantic and its partners. After gaining independence from Google in August 2015, Niantic raised $ 20 million in October 2015 from Google , Nintendo and the Pokémon Company in exchange for a share of its capital. Thanks to its success, Pokémon Go caused Nintendo’s share price to soar. On July 19, 2016, Nintendo’s market capitalization reached 38.4 billion euros. Nintendo’s capitalization even exceeds that of Sony, its great Japanese rival. In addition, Nintendo owns a third of the capital of Pokémon Company.

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