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We cannot judge whether the amount of data traind by the AI ​​plays a major role, but we still miss the following aspects when looking at the payment trends for 2023: Data and cloud integration We can assume that the use of data and cloud technology will continue to increase. Open Banking is catching on in more and more markets and plays a key role in facilitating seamless payments.

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Open Banking enables customers to transfer money internationally quickly and cheaply, eliminating the administrative burden of whatsapp mobile number list traditional bank transfers. It also enables, among other things, a better insight into the transaction data, offers simplifid accounting and leaner financing processes. Still, only 40% of banks surveyd have usd transaction-basd APIs to add value to date, which could quickly change the widespread adoption of the ISO 20022 standard.

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Sustainability The topic of sustainability will also become increasingly important in payment transactions in the coming years – not least  because of the BEB Directory public interest and the corresponding legislation. The current keyword here is ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) and encompasses all aspects of the company’s own sustainability strategy. Sustainable, climate-neutral payment solutions such as the AirPlus Company Account can make an important contribution to this . Without these, the unavoidable carbon emissions generatd by payment activities will increasingly have to be offset.

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