In digital marketing we talk a lot about what you should do with your website and how to make it SEO friendly for users and search bots. If you’re an e-commerce company and aren’t on Amazon by 2022. You Namibia Phone Number may not be able to reach your sales. Amazon’s a powerhouse, workhorse, old reliable when it comes to e-commerce, as most people should know today. Everyone wants to get their products on Amazon because that’s where their audience will shop. And these audiences shop a little bit on stage. Amazon generates about 4,722 per second, or about 17 million Namibia Phone Number per hour. The retail giant closed last year at 469.8 billion in net sales up 22% in 2020. That’s why sellers want to be part of the event and why it can be hard to put your product on Amazon’s results page.

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Amazon SEO to promote your products. It’s all about understanding the algorithm, what buyers want to find out what they need, and how you can beat your competitors. Here is a complete guide to Namibia Phone Number Amazon SEO for marketers. But how much do you know about Amazon SEO. How Amazon’s A9 algorithm works Before we can talk about Amazon SEO and how you can improve your product listing. We will help you understand how the Amazon A9 search algorithm works. Same but different from Google. Amazon’s applications Namibia Phone Number are commercial only, not for browsers or information like Google’s. You do research. A9 knows you want to buy what you want. It corresponds to the query in the corresponding product group, and shows you these results in a series of pages. But how did Amazon choose these particular products.

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Namibia Phone Number

In particular. Good customer feedback Better products will sell more and make more money for Amazon. Historical trade . Relevant keywords included in the product list. Appropriate price not too Namibia Phone Number high, not too low based on competition. It is important to note here that while an query-based algorithm is always looking for importance historical data is also important as noted in the list above. Products that have pleased past customers may please future customers. New retailers on Amazon face a problem with this if Amazon prioritizes Namibia Phone Number products with strong sales, but you haven’t yet made a sale or created historical data for the A9, how can you expect to climb the ranks of the Amazon. The answer is by doing Amazon SEO starting.

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