Ambition is most often associat positively

Ambition is most often associat positively with people who are successful and live according to the English saying ” sky is the limit” . But sometimes, instead of stunning achievements and glory, it can lead to doom and frustration. In this article, you will read what ambition is and find tips on how to use it positively in your professional life so that it brings benefits, helps you develop and achieve success. Create an effective CV in minutes. Choose a professional CV template and quickly complete all CV sections with ready-to-use content and expert tips. 

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What is ambition? Definition Ambition can be defin in several ways. Most often, however, it is talk about as a personality trait relat to setting goals and striving to achieve them, despite obstacles. Ambitious people want to achieve goals not only for the satisfaction of achieving them, but also to strengthen DB to Data their self-esteem and, sometimes, the feeling of superiority and domination over others. Some people see ambition as a negative trait – the tendency to achieve goals over and over again, regardless of circumstances or means, or the ne for social recognition, fame, power and success. Unfortunately, the social evaluation of ambitious people, in politics and public life, often depends on their gender, as research shows .

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Ambition is often perceiv negatively in women and neutral or positive in men. On the other hand, we can also talk about ambition as simply the desire to achieve a given goal or fulfill a dream or desire. Then it appears as a positive and motivating feature. You probably also know the phrase ” ambitious goals” : those that BEB Directory require a lot of effort and work to achieve. To put it simply – difficult to achieve, but at the same time important and, if successful, satisfying. It is not entirely clear where ambition comes from and why some people are more and others less ambitious. 

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