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We recommend Internal and external employer branding – or is it an outdate division? Motivation tools The tools of extrinsic motivation come down to all kinds of rewards and punishments. It can be money, promotion, change of job, distinction, material reward, public praise and more private, such as personal sympathy, support, less formal contact. It is often said that employees are motivate by money. In turn, factors such as promotion, professional development, good working atmosphere, employee participation, increase independence in deciding whether the content of the job is satisfactory are less important in maintaining motivation.

Offer Will Be The Final Argument

Are you sure? External motivation tools are something that the employee receives from others and their scope is determine at the organizational level. As practice shows, they do not always have a long-term impact on employee motivation. The more Latest Mailing Database so that no company is able to constantly use material tools of motivation. In this context, the role of non-wage factors in the motivation process increases. No wonder that companies are increasingly looking for knowlege and tips on how to motivate employees without incurring huge costs.

Latest Mailing Database

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What is the intrinsic motivation of employees? Motivation resulting from the internal processes of a given person and his strength significantly affects the entirety of human activity. It is conditione by four psychological factors, inducing a person to BEB Directory undertake a specific task. First, it is the meaning assigne to a given activity or goal. It is its value, the power of influencing the individual and all the benefits of taking up the challenge. Another aspect is competence, i.e. knowlege about the internal possibilities of effective goal implementation. The next tool of internal motivation is the comfort of acting according to your own, not impose rules.

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