When I think about e-commerce business models , I know that it takes a lot of effort and money to win a customer. What does that tell us? That the opportunity to do real business is in the repurchase or retention of customers. So, how can you make the same customer who bought for the first time start to become a repeat buyer and, in addition, then recommend you to someone else? The solution to this question lies in the growth system that we have developed at Impulse and that we have been implementing with different business models; among them, e – commerce , to precisely help them grow. And in this guide I will explain step by step what it consists of.

Understand the market Traditionally, when you have already invested in establishing an e-commerce business model , the next step is to attract traffic. And the first thing that comes to mind is the creation of ads, be it on Facebook, Google, YouTube or Linkedin; that is, more investment. I’m not saying it’s wrong, but what we do is think that an ad is equal to a sale and then we realize that all that investment does not necessarily turn into a return. There are different ways to be able to generate income without spending only on ads, as long as we Hong Kong Phone Number how the market is composed. For me, this is configured as follows: market chart Only 3% of this market is ready to buy: this is the percentage of people who see an ad with real interest, because it is precisely a product they were looking for.

The Big Problem Is That We

Think that the entire market is in active buying mode and we send the same message to all that market, when only 3% intend to buy. And what about the remaining 97%? We call it “untapped market”. the uncharted market This market is divided into 3 categories: 17% are collecting information ; that is, you have in mind what you want to buy and you are comparing options. 20% are aware that they have a problem, but are not yet in active purchasing mode. This person is not necessarily thinking about buying a product, but is looking for how to solve a problem. 60% who are not yet aware that they have a problem, but may be a good candidate for a product. This is the largest group and it is made up of people who have not yet realized that they have a problem to solve.

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The problem with e-commerce is that they seek to impact the entire pyramid with the same message. Instead of aligning their messages for each of the stages of the unexplored market. The system we use at Impulse addresses this problem. Because it seeks not only to reach the 3%, but to find ways to start talking with people who are in the 17%, 20%, or even 60%. We manage 100% of the growth of your ecommerce – Get to know Impulse Ecommerce The Impulse Growth System The system we use is divided into 8 phases: 1. Identify dream buyers I know many small and medium-sized companies whose strategy is focused on the products they sell and not on the buyers they want to attract. In order to identify the best experience you can give your buyers, you have to first get to know them.

We Must Use Those Insights

To attract them and capture their attention. Today it is very different to sell a product-price to sell an experience. If we want to distance ourselves from sacrificing margins. We have to start to understand what are the drivers, emotions, fears. Concerns or what makes our buyer happy. 2. Create a valuable content offer If I want to target the 60% of the base of the pyramid. I can’t approach them with a promotion, because this person doesn’t even know me; I have to do it using a high value content offer. It must have certain characteristics. It must “solve a stone in the shoe” of our buyer so that it really captures. The attention of him and he subscribes to obtain it. 3. Get subscribers using a subscription page If you only focus on the 3%, your database will be very small.

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