So you can add and update AdWords and Google Analytics tags and many others through the Tag Manager interface. It has become an essential tool for the traffic manager . Google Tag Manager tags List of tags managed in the same Saint Kitts and Nevis Email List Google Tag Manager container Why and when should you use Tag Manager? As written above, Google Tag Manager avoids the intervention of a web developer when configuring your tags. It also helps reduce errors in your code and devote more time and money to your marketing campaigns. If, for example, you want to add functionalities to your e-commerce site, you will certainly have to add or modify a code snippet to obtain statistical feedback.

This is the case if you want to set up conversion tracking on specific actions, such as: the click of a call to action button, downloading a white paper … Adding and modifying JavaScript tags are essential today to meet marketing needs. Google Tag Manager allows you to manage everything in one place and gain flexibility and responsiveness. For example, it is an ideal tool if you need to monitor the performance of ads in an Adwords campaign  or set up event tracking in Analytics. GTM allows you to save time and avoids you having to intervene on the code of your site. google tag manager anthe design The advantages of Google Tag Manager Managing all your tags in one place with Tag Manager offers the following benefits:

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The ability to react quickly and deploy new beacons with just a few clicks. A great time saver to add a tag. A richer documentation than that of its competitors. The elimination of errors thanks to a debugging console and a preview mode, they allow you to verify the correct functioning of your new tags before publishing them. Ease of use for web agencies thanks to multi-account compatibility and user permissions. Customers can easily review changes made by them. Compatibility with third-party software tags often with built-in templates. You can thus adopt tools adapted to your activity. Reliability of the data collected on all of your domains. The GTM Tag Manager gives you the security and reliability of Google’s quality infrastructure. To conclude, If you need to collect data from several different sources and gain in efficiency and autonomy, do not hesitate


You are advised to protect your website using the HTTPS protocol, even if the website in question does not deal with sensitive communications. HTTPS protects the integrity of your website, and ensures the privacy and security of your users. In addition, there are some very powerful new features reserved for websites offering an HTTPS connection. The generalization of the HTTPS protocol is inevitable, Google wants it and has the means to impose it. Between a search engine which captures 94% of the volume of searches and its Chrome browser which occupies a leading position, Google has all the levers to gradually push all site publishers to adopt the HTTPS protocol. Google has gone so far as to make public the list of popular websites using the HTTPS protocol by default.

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To conclude Beyond Google’s wishes, SSL certificates offer many advantages in terms of security. The direct consequence of securing the web will be a drastic reduction in data theft. This is ultimately the primary purpose of the HTTPS protocol and the main motivation for securing a website. Last point, it is better to anticipate the installation of an SSL certificate on your site to avoid an emergency migration . Since January 01, 2017, Google has been reporting unsecured sites through Google Chrome. For those who have not yet taken the plunge, as a web agency , we recommend that you install an SSL certificate .

From games to e-commerce, do you want to know more about augmented reality? Definition of augmented reality The principle of augmented reality (AR) is to insert 2D or 3D synthetic images onto real-world images in real time. Synthetic images are superimposed on real world images using a smartphone camera or special video glasses. Augmented reality refers to methods and technologies for embedding virtual objects in a sequence of real or realistic images. Pockemon Go and augmented reality It is mainly used for our visual perception but it also concerns the following perceptions: the olfactory with odors, the taste with the taste, touch with touch, auditory with sounds. visual information Some dates 1968 ,

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