If it cost you € 400 per month (or € 4,800 for one year) and you notice an increase in your turnover Togo Email List over the same period. € 24,000 compared to the previous year, your strategy is paying off. Interpret the results obtained and implement corrective actions The interpretation of the results and the implementation of corrective actions imply a mastery of all the statistical tools, starting with Google Analytics and Google Search Console. Google Analytics  allows you to obtain the following information over a given period and to compare two periods: The number of visits over a period and the number of unique visitors The percentage of revisits .

The bounce rate Where your traffic is coming from Keywords that generate organic traffic Analyze the audience of your website with Google Analytics Google Search Console  allows you to: Control the indexing of your pages, Consult the queries typed by Internet users, To know your average positioning on your keywords, To visualize your backlinks , To submit and check the validity of your Sitemap (site map), … This non-exhaustive list of features makes Google Search Console an essential tool for SEO experts. When you want to both interpret results and implement corrective actions. Google Search Console is the best ally of  traffic manager and SEO agencies.

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Google Search Console or GSC, a wealth of free information on your website Conclusion Building a natural referencing strategy always pays off in the long term, provided you follow all the steps and have a website with sound technical bases. An audit of your website  is recommended before building your SEO strategy. Have you heard of Instagram? After having converted 400 million Internet users, it is the turn of companies to succumb to Instagram, a social network that has become essential. ZEN READING growth-instagramUpdated April 17, 2019 What is Instagram? Instagram is a mobile application available on iOS, Android, Windows Phone and tablet,


It can also be used on PC. It allows you to share photos and videos with your network of friends and to leave comments on the pictures posted by other users. The social network Instagram belongs to Facebook since 2012, it was launched in 2010 by the American Kevin Systrom  and the Brazilian Michel Mike Krieger , both entrepreneurs and IT developers. According to official figures dated September 2015, Instagram has 400 million users worldwide known as “Igers”. instagram logo The mobile application integrates the following features: The creation of a public profile, Subscription to user accounts,

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Interactions with shared content such as likes and comments, Tags, 60-second sponsored videos, Video views counters, The ability to create and manage multiple accounts from the application, Connection to other social networks like Facebook  and Twitter . Some numbers, Instagram came third in the top 10 social networks in the world in August 2015, behind the leader Facebook and the Chinese network Qzone. At the end of 2015, Instagram is: 400 million users, 30 billion photos shared, 2.5 billion “likes” every day, 46% of users follow brands, 70% of French members connect to Instagram at least once a day.

Blog Instagram among young people Young people between 13 and 19 are hyper connected (1:30 p.m. per week on the Internet) and are spending more and more time on social networks. Even if Facebook still remains in the lead, according to the latest Ipsos study , the social network Instagram dethrones Facebook with an increase of 14% of subscribers in 2015 compared to 7% of subscribers in 2014. young instagram social media registrationsYouth registrations on social networks – Source.

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