Who will be the recipient? What budget is allocated for this communication medium? What type of commercial brochure? 2. Use the AIDA method for the Romania Email List design of your brochure: Attract A aution, Raising the I nterest, Induce  D ESIR, Push the A ction. 3. Highlight the marketing message and the main information in order to make the brochure effective and make it easier to read. 4. Prioritize the texts to allow quick scanning of pages and guide the reader. 5. Remove duplicate texts and group ideas into blocks. 6. Highlight the benefits to the customer before specifying those of the products and services. 7. Optimize the length of content to facilitate readability. 8. Make people want to read from the cover with a catchphrase that appeals to the reader.

Our communication agency can offer you a reformulation from your text content, with proposals followed by modifications until its validation. After this step, the graphic designer begins the graphic creation, the layout of the text content and the visuals. Writing content is as important as creating graphics. writing text content for your sales brochure We can offer you the reformulation or the drafting of the text content of your sales brochure. It will be adapted to your needs and the message to be conveyed. And don’t forget, your commercial brochure must set you apart from your competition and must enhance your image! You wish to be supported for the drafting of your text content? Contact us .

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To appear in the first results of Google, you have two options: Advertise online with Google AdWords ( SEA , paid search) Optimize the SEO of your site ( SEO , natural referencing) In the first case, you have to pay for keywords. In the second, it takes method, work and time. Good to know: SEO optimization of a website is more profitable than paid search in the long term. If you need a website visible on Google : designing or making your website SEO Friendly is a must. We could naively believe that all websites created by professionals ( web agencies , IT services companies , communication agencies) are SEO Friendly. Big mistake, more than half of the websites we audit are not optimized for good  natural referencing . Between markup errors and duplicate content, most sites do not meet half of the 200 or so criteria in Google’s algorithm.


He is similar to a web journalist, between research, writing, proofreading, correction and SEO optimization. He must master the language and the subject covered, know the techniques of natural referencing and the basics of HTML language. redaction-web Drafting in several stages The web editor writes by respecting several steps, he must: Study the subject transmitted by the client Perform multiple searches to extract important information from trusted sources Ensure the reliability and accuracy of information Choose the right keywords , the main and secondary queries, Write the content and reformulate certain information by citing its sources Ensure to write text content adapted to the request and needs of his client Look for attractive visuals to illustrate the text content Integrate text content and visuals in the administration console.

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The writing of the meta-description (short description allowing the reader to get an idea of ​​the treated subject and its interest) . The drafting of titles (H1 ) and subtitles (H2, H3) . It ensures that the title contains the keywords of the subject. Subtitles support the words and the reading logic. The search engine scans all these elements more easily and identifies them quickly. 2 – Write so that the content is read Web writing should also  arouse the reader’s interest and encourage them to read the rest of the subject. To do this, the written content must: Be relevant and attractive Get to the point Be correctly worded and pleasant to read.

The web editor clearly announces the information from the first lines and then develops the rest of the subject. The ideal is to answer the following 5 questions from the first two lines: Who? What? When? Why? Where? The text must be attractive to the reader, by: The style and tone used  established in the editorial line of the site or blog The use of beautiful visuals to catch the eye of the Internet user The bolding of important words and terms to allow the Internet user to read quickly Last but not least, the web copywriter must produce content without spelling mistakes ! Web Editor The web editor is the specialist in writing on the Internet, he makes it synthetic, concise and quickly understandable. The writing rules for the web are different from those for print, this difference will be the subject of a future article.

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