Practicality for storage in the wallet. A ” large format  ” will often be folded in half for storage or just Kiribati Email Lists  thrown away. In addition, the cost of printing turns out to be higher. You can also have all these formats printed in 2 or 3 panels. For those addicted to novelty, there have recently been NFC connected business cards , a business card combining print and web. The interest of the latter is the triggering of an action (opening web page, importing a contact, playing a video) on your phone (NFC phone active). Stand out with this unusual and innovative product! The essential information to put :

The logo of your company and its name, Last name and first name, Your role in the company, Landline and mobile phone numbers, Your email address and postal address, The URL of your website. We recommend that you add the activities and services you offer. Conclusion To stand out with a business card, choosing an atypical format involves taking a significant risk. It is preferable to favor a standard format and to opt for a finish such as selective varnish  or soft touch lamination . For more details on the budget:  How much does it cost to create a business card  ?

Printers Offer Many Different Formats

The 301 redirect is an essential technique to know for any website creation or redesign. When and how to use it? LECTURE ZEN redirect-error-301-permanentUpdated July 27, 2020 What is a 301 redirect? Definition A 301 redirection is a permanent substitution of the address initially requested by the address obtained. A 301 redirect  is also known as  web forwarding or permanent redirect  ( Moved Permanently), a permanent redirect forces your support web browser to view content at a given address on the Internet to present content from another web address. The 301 redirects (code 301) were introduced in the http protocol  to allow webmasters to provide a better user experience  to the Internet user,


Based on the assumption that a website is alive and that in certain cases it can be determined that other content is more suitable than that associated with the address requested initially. The most efficient redirects from a technical point of view are to be carried out at the server level in the Htaccess file , avoid JavaScript redirects (can be assimilated to spam)  and the “refresh” meta tag. The 301 redirect has the advantage of being well read by robots and the icing on the cake, it transmits the PageRank . To write web pages temporarily, there is the 302 redirect . Illustration: creation of a 301 redirect The context:

Had created a presentation page of our web agency with the following URL:   . For reasons related to our SEO strategy , we modified this URL to make it shorter and more relevant, so it has become: We have therefore decided to permanently redirect the URL    to , this redirection allows us to preserve the user experience and avoid a 404 error . Consequences of a URL change without redirection: First consequence: other pages on the website host hypertext links that point to the URL: ,  if no redirection is set up, no only you will never see the presentation of our web agency, you will have in exchange a nice 404 error (if a 404 page is present) ,

Not really great for the user experience. page-404-web-agency-anthedesignAnthedesign web agency 404 error page Second consequence: if the URL is present in the Google index, it will appear in the search results and will be potentially clickable, in case of click and in the absence of permanent redirection, the result will be a nice 404. Beyond that user experience is also a bad signal to Google, a great site shouldn’t be full of 404 errors. url-presentation-de-lagence-web-anthe design-indexee URL of the presentation of the anthedesign web agency in Google results Third consequence:  other websites certainly have links that point to the initial URL ( backlink ),

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