Remain bright, flashy and daring colors. The use of these shades and shades of colors immerses the Internet user in a stimulating or, conversely, soothing universe. They are chosen according to the desired atmosphere depending Comoros Email List on the activity of the company or the message to be conveyed for example. The objective being, again, to optimize the user experience while respecting the meaning of the colors . Asymmetry will clearly be in vogue when it was the opposite trend in 2017. For example, the visuals on the screen are divided by designers with an asymmetric grid pattern. In these cases there is a distinct balance of visuals and text to draw attention to the design of the site.

Off-site natural referencing is essentially based on netlinking. In other words, it is the creation of a large network of links that point to the pages of your website. The trends in web design 2018 are leading to more focus on navigation and user experience rather than on the appearance of websites. Following the trends and respecting some of them is important to retain Internet users and have a popular website! And for 2018, don’t forget the GDPR , this new regulation on the protection of personal data will come into force in email 2018! Linkbaiting consists in generating the creation of natural backlinks. It is a very effective method for your SEO.

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Building a network of inbound links (or ” netlinking “) is essential for the well-being of your SEO. But it is also a time-consuming, demanding and expensive activity, which generally involves being proactive. However, it is not necessarily necessary to spend your time soliciting (or rewarding) your contacts for a few backlinks. One of the most effective methods is to “bait” third-party sites to place links on their pages on their own. This technique is called linkbaiting. Linkbaiting is the method of luring webmasters and Internet users so that they have the reflex of creating backlinks to your web pages on their own.


Linkbaiting is one of the actions implemented as part of a netlinking strategy, the aim of which is to build your network of links. Linkbaiting is also similar to linkbuilding insofar as it is about obtaining quality backlinks to benefit your pages. Except that, in fact, the two methods diverge. While the notion of linkbuilding refers to a proactive approach requiring to seek backlinks through the skin of the URL by soliciting influencers, linkbaiting strives to achieve the same ends by adopting a passive attitude. And this by focusing everything on the added value of the content offered.

You would have understood it!

The interest of linkbaiting: it is precisely molded on the rules imposed by Google in terms of netlinking. In recent years, the Penguin filter has been wreaking havoc by sanctioning sites that have used and abused. And Google will reward you with a boost to your Ranking. Now, what better method to guarantee quality links than by making Internet users want to create them by themselves, simply because they are satisfied with the work done? A good natural backlink is like a positive review posted by a sincere customer. And it’s 100% effective, both for your SEO and for your branding. What makes linkbaiting that it has a double advantage, that of pleasing both Google and readers . This SEO technique is extremely effective in gaining positions on Google.

If you are the owner of a website, in order to be present in this new index, you must verify that your site complies with Google’s recommendations by carrying out a test here . If your website is compatible for mobile viewing, the hard part is done. You just have to make sure you follow all of Google’s recommendations. If your website is not compatible, there is still time to make it responsive so as to consider a Mobile First Indexation. You can also redesign your site with a Mobile First web design . Note: a site unsuitable for a Mobile First Indexing will disappear from the search results carried out on Mobile in the long term.

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