One in six videos is viewed on a mobile device, smartphone or tablet. Spending on advertising Dominica Email List videos has doubled in 2 years and according to forecasts, it will double again in 2 years. 36% of videos watched on the Internet are advertisements. Sources:, April 9, 2015 Danish designer Georg Jensen’s brand website  is a remarkable example of integrating a video as a central element in a website. The trend of micro-interaction The couple CSS and Javascript (language used to make a web page dynamic) will have evolved further in 2016. Micro-interactions are the stars of the web and of the user experience , while making the web organic and alive.

Micro-interactions are already very present on the web, they are used for: Communicate a status and produce feedback, Reinforce the feeling of direct manipulation through the interface, Help Internet users to visualize the results of their actions for a better understanding of the processes in progress. A “micro-active” web page must be accessible, interactive and user-friendly , this type of UX involves paying particular attention to every detail of the web design . web-micro-interaction-trendsUX micro-interaction The essential Flat Design The Flat Design or Flat design invades our screen since late 2013 and is still a great value for a.

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Web design trend, it is still based on two extremely important parameters: the ranking and placement of elements. The objective of Flat Design is to obtain a well thought out ergonomics facilitating navigation by offering an interesting user experience . Flat Design Identity Card It is part of the continuity of skeuomorphism, It is a responsive design solution , It allows speed and lightness, It allows simplification and readability. trend-flat-design For 2016, web trends continue the path of simplification, fluidity and practicality. On the typography side, Google will offer new original fonts on Google Font, certainly thin, tall and round typefaces.


The objective is to provide typefaces highlighting the text content while making it easier for Internet users to read. In conclusion, All the UI / UX & web trends for the year 2016 continue the path started towards the simplification of the layout with a sober, clean and minimalist design. Animation, video and originality are also key with a unique user experience in focus. To find out more about web trends:  What will the colors of the web be in 2016? Creating an effective website cannot be improvised. The creation of this one can very quickly become a course strewn with pitfalls for a neophyte …

Their Attention With Well-chosen Content

So how to make a success of your site while avoiding all the pitfalls of the creation? ZEN READING efficient websiteUpdated on September 23, 2021 Creating a website is now very easy , online creation solutions make the creation of a website accessible to all. Only downsides, a time-consuming adventure for an often disappointing result and no visitors on arrival. Gone are the days when you just had to put a website online to be visible on search engines, competition on the web and the demands of Google and other search engines are much stronger today. To create an effective website , you have to respect many criteria involving different skills (design & ergonomics, referencing, editorial, development, etc.).

To appeal to creative professionals, web agency , digital agency , communication agency, freelance) is must for hope to be visible on the Internet. Here are some basic tips to create a visible and effective website  while avoiding all the pitfalls of creation . Creating a website: a journey strewn with pitfalls A website can be a profitable investment, but … Don’t underestimate the importance of analyzing your needs Who are you ? (independent, craftsman, SME, local authority, association, etc.) What do you propose ? (information, products, services, …) Who is your target? (BtoC, BtoB, … define your target with the  personas method )

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