To add an Exact Match Keyword, all you have to do is put the keywords in square brackets. Recent studies would have revealed the effectiveness of this category.  It would indeed be more efficient than the Broad match or the Equatorial Guinea Email List Phrase Match Keyword. It should be noted, however, that the average number of search keywords remains far lower than that of the first category. Second mistake: the lack of ad extensions or badly written ads Neglecting the use of ad extensions and not optimizing them is another common mistake . Thanks to Google, it is now easy to write effective and relevant adwords. It’s also easier to adjust the settings to get the right ROI.

By making use of extensions, you give yourself the option of using links, calls, as well as location extensions to optimize Adwords. The challenge is to make sure that your page has the necessary coverage to grab the attention of visitors. Third mistake: not understanding the profit margin and conversions system To manage an online business, it is essential to record all conversions or operations that have generated profit. As in any business, this action is necessary because it allows to increase the income in the long term, and thus not to focus on the short term figures. This principle also applies to the Pay Per Click system, because it allows savings and optimizes the profit margin.

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It is possible to find on Google the formula that will allow you to calculate the ideal value of your margin. It should be understood, however, that while the standard model meets the expectations of the majority of companies, it may be inefficient for others. It is therefore imperative to develop an appropriate valuation system in order to accurately estimate the profits made. Fourth mistake: neglecting negative keywords Of the 6 million keywords generated daily on Google, almost 15% are completely new terms, which must therefore be recorded by the search engine. This implies that some of these keywords will have the sole purpose of attracting the attention of prospects.


By using negative keywords, you reduce the usefulness of terms that don’t match your products or services. This will also have the advantage of reducing costs, while increasing revenues. A lot of advertisers find that negative keywords are not helpful when it comes to growing the business. While it is understandable that the majority adopt this positioning in order to convey a positive image, ignoring negative keywords is a guarantee of losing clicks. This error helps to minimize the effectiveness of adwords, without advertisers realizing it. Note that negative keywords are the easiest way to reach a majority of target customers.

They Are Fully Reproduced In The Search Bar

They are also the assurance of increasing the quality ratio on Google. Recently, negative keywords have been integrated into aggressive campaigns aimed at reducing the visibility rate of competitors. Badly used, however, they have the disadvantage of making recording difficult. Fifth mistake: neglecting the lifespan of customers It is a performance index that determines the value of a consumer. Knowing the lifespan of customers is a basis when it comes to growing your business. In PPC, the principle remains the same: the value of the customer must imperatively be estimated on his purchasing behavior.

Taking this into account ensures that you do not waste time and money during the campaign. Indeed, estimating the price to pay to acquire a client is a policy that every professional must adopt . This price will then be offset by the profits generated by customer loyalty. Although it is more complex to assess than the return on investment, it is nonetheless important. Every year, companies want to know the new trends in terms of colors and design to adapt their communication. What will be the colors of the web in 2016?

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