Discussing the choice of a format for your sales brochure, a little reminder … Reminders on the sales brochure The commercial brochure is one of the most used Trinidad and Tobago Email List printed media and one of the most appreciated by companies to communicate. It also bears the name of advertising brochure, communication brochure or presentation brochure. This essential communication tool presents your company and your activity in a succinct and attractive way. The commercial brochure has one or more folds and comprises less than 8 pages (unlike a brochure which has at least 8 pages and can have more than 324 pages).  A sales brochure must contain at least the essential information about your company (contacts, expertise, activities, products, etc.) , …

To find out more about the creation of a sales brochure . CSM commercial brochureCommercial brochure for the company CSM What are the different formats of the sales brochure? An international standard (ISO 216) defines standardized paper sizes. These standardized formats are used in the majority of countries with the notable exceptions of the United States and Canada. This standard defines for example the most common format, the very famous A4 format corresponding to a rectangular sheet 21 cm wide by 29.7 cm long. iso format a3 a4 a6 Different formats are possible for the visual design and printing of your commercial brochure, the most common formats of a closed brochure are the formats: A4 format (21 cm x 29.7 cm), A5 format (14.8 cm x 21 cm),

What Format For Your Sales

The budget devoted to the creation and printing of the brochure? This method will lead you to define the main orientations for the creation of your future sales brochure, including its format. The print size of your brochure and the number of pages will often be dictated by the volume of content to be presented. To stand out, opt for a “tailor-made” format (or cutout) to move away from the standard A4 format (A3 open), the cost of printing also stands out. Sorid commercial brochureSorid commercial   brochure To conclude, There are different formats for your sales brochure. The choice of format will depend on what you want to communicate and how you want to convey your company’s image.


Your budget will also be a criterion to take into account in your choice, it will often be decisive. Especially since you have to think about budgeting for its graphic design , editorial content and possible photo purchases. If you have a project for a commercial brochure, do not hesitate to contact us ! And don’t forget that your sales brochure must make you want to! Known to all, the CSS framework created by two little guys from twitter , bootstrap , has, in just a few months after its appearance in August 2011, established itself as the benchmark of the genre.

Or Do You Not Know The Different Existing

Although it remains to this day the most used and often the most recommended when starting out in the web domain, it is far from being the only front-end framework with serious advantages to simplify our implementations. css pages. Three categories of css frameworks The impressive amount of frameworks available today on the web being, I decided to present to you a personal selection divided into 3 categories: Direct competitors to bootstrap The “material design” Minimalists I will also invite you to suggest those that you use or just that you would like to advise. THE BOOTSTRAP KILLER What I call Bootstrap killer here are the css frameworks

Offering services quite similar to their competitor by allowing to face (almost) all situations thanks to the implementation of a complete stylesheet and many plugins javascript directly integrated or developed by the community. This advantage also makes them their main drawback, namely their fairly substantial weight which will not necessarily be suitable for the smallest sites. Among these direct competitors to bootstrap we find essentially two big names: Gumby framework-gumbyGumby Framework A true gas factory, gumby comes with everything you need to help you achieve the look of your site. Like most other css frameworks, it is based on a flexible grid divided into 12 columns. The main flaw in my eyes is that it is starting to date a bit since its last update in May 2015.

Its “pretty style” buttons with gradients are the witnesses of this bygone era. Foundation foundationZurb Foundation THE real competitor of Bootstrap, it represents for me its best possible alternative. The only defect (and still) unlike its counterpart and that it is only developed with SASS and without LESS. GOOGLE STYLE Presented by Google during the Google I / O conference on June 25, 2014, material design quickly became an excellent alternative to flat design . While many people see it as a mere copy of the latter google style, it is actually much more fleshed out and regulated to provide a better user experience .

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