Another way of consuming, but also of communicating for companies. While many companies discovered teleworking during this crisis, their employees Finland Email List are asking for more. The home office thus seems to be gaining ground. Consumers then stay at home more often and thus digitize their consumption to avoid going out. E-commerce then becomes a form of transaction to be encouraged and even to be favored. “Drive” or online delivery orders are popular. French consumers realized during confinement that it made their lives much easier. It is no longer just a question of protecting themselves from Covid-19 for families. These “consumption patterns” are also a way to simplify your life and relieve the mental load.

Obviously, not all traders have an activity that lends itself to it, but for the others, it is a solution that will have to be considered to maintain. To survive the economic crisis that will follow, converting to online sales is therefore a necessity for traders and artisans. Who says online purchase, also says online communication. To be visible on the internet, it will be necessary to bet on a digital strategy. This also includes. Community Management which helps build customer loyalty around your values; Sponsored publications on social networks and SEA (Search Engine Advertising), which allow you to precisely reach your target prospects.

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Some buyers now prefer to turn to short-circuit consumption and artisanal and home-made products. This does not only concern food, but also catering and the textile industry, for example. We are turning towards consumption that not only provides a living for small French producers and manufacturers, but also towards healthier and more ecological consumption. If you are part of its local businesses, these values ​​of “made in France” and craftsmanship must be directly reflected in your communication. A set of techniques are used to position a website well in the results pages. The SEO therefore requires the intervention of an expert who has the right skills, to get a real return on investment .


SEO is an acronym for “Search Engine Optimization”, or search engine optimization in French. More precisely, it is about optimizing a web page or a site so that it appears in the first results of the SERP (Search Engine Result Page). However, no SEO agency or SEO consultant can promise you first place or zero position . Likewise, natural referencing takes time. The results are not immediate. It takes 3 to 6 months on average to perceive changes. The objective of SEO is of course to obtain greater visibility on search engines like Google or Bing. The most visited web pages are, in general, those that appear on the first page of results , i.e. the first 10. The top 3 being the one that attracts Internet users the most.

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However, SEO is not only used to reach the top of the SERP, but also to position itself on the right keywords according to its activity and its target. A misplaced page is a poorly referenced page, which will experience a significant bounce rate . These are the three factors on which an SEO is based to achieve the first results. Nevertheless, web referencing is evolving quickly in order to best meet the needs of users. Today, new elements must be taken into account such as.  The relevance of a page or a site depends on its content. Search systems work on the basis of keywords. The algorithm is thus based on the text of the page to know if it corresponds to the expectations of the Internet user.

Since its creation, this algorithm has nevertheless greatly improved. He is now able to “understand” everyday language and respond more precisely to the user’s intentions. SEO texts must therefore be of high quality, with real added value , to be relevant in the eyes of Google and users. The notoriety of a website goes through netlinking . This is the number of external links (backlink) that point to it from one or more other sites. Be careful, this should not be done randomly! The backlinks must certainly be quantitative, but above all qualitative. The most effective way to achieve a good netlinking is to choose a few reference sites in your sector and offer them to write free content for them (blog article, for example) in exchange for a Dofollow link .

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