As Far as I Know There Are 6 Types of Diving

This psychological effect not only applies to humans, but also to animals. (in this case, fish)

If the fish has been suspicious of an object and is interested in examining it further, it will take the object with its mouth to taste it.1

Try to watch the video below how the fish behaves when it meets an object that attracts its attention:

Remember fish have no hands So the fish will explore its world with its mouth

But we must always be aware that not everything Whatsapp Mobile Number List that is caught with the mouth will be swallowed.

Probably 9 out of 10 times, it will express itself again after discovering it is not food.

Maybe the objects are just fallen leaves, paper, cigarette butts.

Now try to imagine that the object is our lure with a hook?

Surely he could not escape.

Due to the nature of fish to taste foreign objects with their mouths, we can take advantage of this by increasing the temptation level of our lures.

At least by imitating the size color and action of their real food

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Types of Lure Swimming Stunts You Need to Know
surface lure swimming action
The swimming action of the lure plays a more BEB Directory important role than the color of the lure.
In the market now, there are various types of lures produced.

Besides there are thousands of interesting color options, the lure’s swimming action also varies according to the function the lure is created for.

However, in this article I focus on the action of hard-bodied diving lures (diving plugs).*

lure color vs lure swimming action
Even without paint, the lure is still digested.. this shows that the swimming action of the lure is more important than the color.
To produce this article, it took me more than a week to research lure actions.

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