Think above all of the user experience, the service you provide to the Internet user. A website that works is easy to use, fluid, readable and provides content that interests Ethiopia Email List ovisitors. Your visitors will not come back to your site to admire its design. Create a website: clearly define who does what and when? Ensure mutual respect for the deadlines defined in the specifications. Is the graphic charter to be created? Who is in charge? Editorial content, who produces it? Who writes the legal notices ? What will the hosting service be and what will be its characteristics? Defining precisely the scope of intervention of the web agency and yours will avoid any misunderstanding and will benefit the quality of the collaboration.

The life of a website begins when it goes online Don’t neglect promoting your website. Track the indexing of your pages in search engines. Remember to add quality content regularly. Do not neglect the upkeep of your site (updating) and its maintenance. To conclude, once all the pitfalls have been avoided, putting your site online marks the beginning of your presence on the Internet! Then you have to bring it to life with seriousness and motivation. Be aware that a site whose content is not updated is gradually downgraded by search engines. If you then want to scale your site and turn it into a profit center, you will need to put in place an SEO strategy to capture more traffic.

Accessing The Internet With A Solar

The mobile Internet is still progressing in 2015, some figures and projects. ZEN READING mobile friends 2015Updated on November 8, 2019 What place does mobile occupy in 2015? The penetration rate of mobile internet worldwide in 2015 is growing. All the more so as the giants of technology have set themselves the challenge of making the mobile Internet accessible to everyone, especially in countries that are under-equipped in terms of network infrastructure. The proposed solar drone Facebook aims to offer such access to the Internet in the most remote areas of the world.


The giants of the webThe giants of the web Some numbers : More than 9 out of 10 Internet users will connect to the Internet via a Smartphone  worldwide by 2017, according to eMarketer forecasts . The ratio was 73.4% in 2013. The Middle East and Africa have a penetration rate of 93% and Asia Pacific 84%. Europe and the Americas do not exceed 60%. Some forecasts would be 90% in 2017. The number of mobile subscribers worldwide was 6.9 billion at the start of 2015. The penetration rate of mobile telephony reaches 96.1% worldwide. Sources: Journal du Net, May 2015. Figures provided by ITU, International Telecommunication Union mobile penetration rate in the worldGlobal mobile penetration rate Conclusion.

The World Who Did Not Have Access

The increase in the rate of equipment for mobiles and smartphones will continue in 2016, which is sufficient reason to make its site responsive and make it visible to all. RankBrain is a Google algorithm based on artificial intelligence, its objective is to further improve search results with the consequence of a new SEO criterion to be taken into account. ZEN READING google-rankbrainUpdated April 3, 2020 RankBrain  is a continuation of the Hummingbird algorithm, which already had the main objective of improving the relevance of the results provided by the Google search engine. Google RankBrain goes even further in the process with the introduction of artificial intelligence (AI)  in its algorithm . What is Google RankBrain? RankBrain is an algorithm created by Greg Corrado , a “Google Senior Research Scientist” specializing in machine learning and artificial intelligence.

The algorithm therefore integrates artificial intelligence which aims to “translate” the Internet user’s request to the search engine to further improve its interpretation. Greg Corrado’s artificial intelligence and machine learning duo allows Google’s algorithm to learn new words and expressions which will then enrich its database. RankBrain is also able to understand expressions specific to each language, it could also allow a better understanding of complex voice requests. The Google RankBrain algorithm has been used since the beginning of 2015 and today processes 15% of Google requests , each of us can obtain results provided by artificial intelligence at any time .

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