If I enter, for example, “market” in my search engine which is Google. The latter offers me “marketing”, because my history is certainly well marked by this word. This method is effective, but we know of certain obstacles when Cambodia Email Address typing a new word or when the absence of semantic information does not allow the search engine to make coherent proposals. Google marketing auto-complete. Auto-completion is therefore an exceptional search technology and functionality allowing millions of Internet users to search or ask questions on the web at the same time while finding appropriate answers. It is then by writing quality content on a regular basis that web writing can generate traffic on a website and thus develop a brand image. If the subject of web writing interests you, we recommend the following articles.

Writing practice adapted to the logic of Internet users, web writing is a communication action that consists of writing on the web to feed a blog, a website or even an online media. Writing for the web means writing texts and articles for curious Internet users, demanding customers, prospects, but also informed users. Web writing requires anticipating and responding effectively to the research of this large audience through a content strategy that consists of thinking and then producing attractive, useful and accessible content. Because writing for the web means above all, writing for Internet users with more or less different profiles, web writing must meet broad expectations while supporting the customer journey with information for the reader-user.

What is auto-completion?

Because it acts in the professional field and the quality of the content is essential, web writing also requires full mastery of written language, grammar, spelling, vocabulary and syntax. Finally, web writing corresponds to knowing how to write since it involves personalizing information for a target audience, while popularizing complex subjects, and keeping a professional writing style. As its name suggests, web writing must be adapted to digital, that is to say to reading on the internet which is different from reading on paper. Web writing must then be precise, simple and concise in order to act on the speed and comfort of the reader in order to respond to screen reading which is naturally uncomfortable. We then write specifically for the web to put a text on screen and to optimize the reader’s cognitive and visual readability.



Will arouse the interest and allow a repositioning in relation to the competitors. Be careful, however, not to follow trends stupidly and quickly find yourself overwhelmed. Rather, you need to change your company’s communication strategy to give it a new shape without completely breaking with its culture. Definition of a new graphic charter and a real action plan. The visual identity of your company must be part of an action plan which is itself part of an evolution of the overall strategy of your company. Because it is visual, the graphic identity allows a significant change for people outside as well as for people inside the company. The new graphic charter must therefore not just be more modern or trendy, but it must be part of a real business action plan for, among other things.

How does auto-completion work?

Modernizing or changing the definition of its graphic charter is then possible, and even recommended. To achieve your new goals, you can meet communication professionals. They will guide you on new trends in terms of graphics and marketing. By transmitting to them the history of your company, its values, its major developments and your new strategy, they can then analyze the market. And also the relevance of your current visual identity and offer you the most relevant changes according to their experience to finally support you in this evolution. This last example being a good URL for the natural referencing of the page in question. In conclusion : make sure that the URLs of your pages are clear, readable and precise. And if necessary, take the time to rewrite them and set up a 301 redirect  !

Monitoring and updating of web articles : articles on the internet must be regularly updated according to the news or the links to be made on a website, but also according to the reactions they arouse among Internet users-customers. Any producer or manager of content intended to be put online is concerned with internet writing and its techniques. The practitioners of web writing are. Web writing is ultimately a very widespread communication technique that involves racking your brains to produce a text that meets web standards, but whose main objective is to be read! For reading to be done by the greatest number, web writing then implies a quality of editorial content, that is to say the production of information that brings real added value to the Internet user experience.

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