The selection of content formats for sales enablement is one of

the crucial moments in the development of a strategy aimed

at optimizing business results and training salespeople.

Undoubtedly, Content Marketing is a great ally of the strategic

objectives shared by sales and marketing, as long as it is executed optimally and consistently.

Sales enablement is a process that seeks to generate more

effective sales processes, providing relevant information,

giving sellers persuasive tools and building a climate of trust and authority that favors closure and results.

For this reason, it demands very specific material formats , which are aligned with the commercial area and the specific requirements of the equipment.

But what are they? For sure, what should include a content strategy of this type?

Here we help you answer this and other questions!

Below, learn about 9 of the most effective and far-reaching formats for sales enablement.

Join us until the end!

Powerful Content Formats for Sales Enablement

1. Videos (preferably interactive)

Video is much more than the fashionable Malaysia WhatsApp Number List format, adapted to this generation that loves and enjoys the visual.

It is a tangible source of profitability for commercial and Digital Marketing strategies .

Nearly 90% of marketers find that video as a content format has given them a good ROI .

In addition, 80% say that it directly favored the increase in sales and 87% value it as an important source of lead generation .

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And, what makes this audiovisual format so special?

For sales enablement, video is a means to build trust, add value and explain in detail an element of interest , such as product functions and features.

Imagine how many words, explanations, arguments and speeches you will save your salespeople!

With strategic, attractive and relevant videos, you will generate engagement with your prospects and help them fully understand your value offer, maturing them to close sales.

If the videos are interactive , even better!

Interactive content , including this audiovisual format, will help you obtain data.

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