However, de-indexing the new test page (or adding canonical tags to the original) will ensure that. Google knows which page is the correct one. 3) Build an A/B testing mindset The truth is, running split tests can be scary  Image Masking. especially if you’re running them on a huge website Image Masking with lots of potential for things to go wrong. In LinkedIn’s write-up on common social media. A/B testing challenges, they said that:“Running A/B tests at scale is not just about infrastructure and best practices. Establishing a strong culture of experimentation is also key to. integrating A/B testing as part of decision-making. To make SEO split testing work for you, you need to practice.


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Conduct experiments, as long as they are done correctly and safely. As LinkedIn explained, you need to create a culture of experimentation. Thumbtack, which runs 30 A/B tests per month, does this effectively. They are building a shared testing mentality in their team by encouraging Image Masking half of their internal engineers to own at least one A/B test in their first six months through Hosting monthly one-hour A/B testing workshops for new team members Image Masking Extensive documentation.shared on a corporate drive, that details how they run the tests Provide sample size calculation tools. for staff to understand the expected outcome of their experiments.

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Split testing to coach their new engineers as they perform. their own experiments not only does this help build their team’s confidence and willpower. but the constant reinforcement of “we need to test regularly” could lead to incredible results. Click here to download it for free now! We’ve helped Fortune 500 companies, VC-backed startups, and businesses Image Masking like yours grow revenue faster . Get a free consultationFinal Thoughts As you can see, split-testing various SEO strategies is complex – but worth its weight in gold when you hit the jackpot and move up from weak keyword ranking positions you’ve been stuck in. Remember to start with your hypothesis, pick an approach that.

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