Here at Flipsnack, we have this tradition to recommend some book titles for the current year. This time we’ve chosen 15 best books of 2019. I promise you, they’re all very interesting and entertaining. It’s said that books play an important role in our lives. Couldn’t agree more. When we open a new book, it’s like we’re also opening a new world. For many people, books have become part of their everyday life. And no wonder why. A book symbolizes the perfect best friend because it’s always loyal and never walks away from you. If you’re an avid reader just like me, then you know what I’m talking about and this article is ideal for you. Below you can find my top 15 best books of 2019.

Take your pick and start reading! Becoming by Michelle Obama becoming michelle obama top books 2019 I can bet you’ve all heard about this intimate and inspiring memoir by the former First Lady of the United States. Michelle Obama is definitely one of the most iconic and compelling women of our era, so this book is a must! In her memoir, she Bulgaria Phone Number readers into her world, sharing important experiences that have shaped her – from her childhood to her status as the most powerful woman in the United States. Furthermore, she also reveals her successes and failures, both public and private, telling her full story as she has lived it – in her own words and on her own terms.

Becoming Is An Entertaining

And impactful book which defied every expectation. Make yourself a favor and read it! It’s one of the best books of 2019! Churchill: Walking with Destiny by Andrew Roberts churchill by andrew roberts books to read 2019 Whether you’re passionate about history or not, this book will capture your attention from beginning to end. Andrew Roberts, one of Britain’s most acclaimed historians, succeeded to write the best and most detailed biography of Winston Churchill. What’s more special about this biography is the fact that Andrew Roberts had access to extensive new material, such as the private diaries of King George VI, used in no previous Churchill biographies.

Bulgaria Phone Number

The author presents Churchill as a politician, but more important, as a human. You’ll discover Churchill’s faults and virtues and his true character: his avid capacity for work and drink, his ability to lead, his eagerness to take risks and his good sense of humor. Churchill: Walking with Destiny is one of the best books of 2019 for sure! Undoubtedly the best single-volume life of Churchill ever written. – Dominic Sandbrook, Sunday Times Educated by Tara Westover Educated by Tara Westover Best books you can read in 2019 This book is another bestselling memoir that you should absolutely put on your list. Did you know that even Bill Gates recommends it?

Educated Tells The Story

Of a young girl who abandons her survivalist family and learns by herself to earn a Ph.D. from Cambridge University. Tara Westover lived a life that could easily resemble a movie script. Who knows, maybe someone will truly want to produce a film based on her story. She stepped foot in a classroom only at 17 years old, because her Mormon parents forbade education. Her father also forbade hospitals and doctors, so all of Tara’s wounds were treated at home with herbal plants. Subsequently, at the age of 16, she decided she had to change her way of living, that’s why she run away from home and started educated herself. She was so ambitious and hardworking that she obtained a Ph.D. from Cambridge University.

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