Over graphTop social networks. Sources: Over graph Instagram and business The social network is turning more and more towards professionals and, since the Tonga Email List of 2014, has offered certified accounts, such as Facebook and Twitter, accessible to brands and public figures. Instagram appeals to companies and claims a larger audience than that of the social network Twitter. Brands are seizing this trend and targeting young people by telling stories, Storytelling ! This audience for companies, represents advantages, such as: The SEO , A  location-based marketing , The development of the company’s presence on other social networks, The federation of a community of fans with a strong commitment.

The Lacoste brand illustrates this trend with the launch of a new product, the LT12 racket via Instagram. No less 7 episodes of campaigns produced playing on visual and emotional shock to make the community feel engaged. These episodes are also available on Lacoste’s YouTube channel. A company can connect its Instagram account with its website (adding a simple plugin on WordPress for example). The social network also provides “tools” to add additional functionalities like for Facebook, such as: Scheduling of publications at certain times, Relaying images or videos posted by other Internet users, Comprehensive statistics. Instagram is also implementing Carousel Ads  to help brands share stories through imagery.

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It’s a new way for brands to tell stories and share more images. Download  Use Instagram for Business , a post of How It Works. To conclude, Instagram has quickly become a benchmark social network for social media. It is a pure product of Generation Y and a superb asset to seduce a target audience by surfing the current trend: highlighting more and more visual content while leaving a part to graphics . The arrival of stars, personalities and big brands contributes to the success of the social network among young people who can follow them. Like Twitter and Facebook, Instagram seeks to improve the user experience and now offers certified accounts to assure the user that the account they are on is indeed true. Is Instagram going to continue its meteoric growth?


Google has officially launched its AMP format with the aim of a much faster display of web pages on mobile! ZEN READING Google-AMPUpdated January 27, 2021 AMP… What is it? AMP (acronym for Accelerated Mobile Pages ) is a new open source format launched by Google. It speeds up the loading of web pages on Smartphone. An AMP page is a web page whose code respects a certain number of constraints (such as avoiding Javascript), with the aim of: faster loading, better navigation comfort. We find the same principle at Facebook with Instant Articles and at Apple with Apple News.

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The Accelerated Mobile Pages project was unveiled in October and in December 2015, Google announced at the time that it would use these pages from February 2016, it is! A website has also been put online to follow the progress of the project , consult tutorials, documentation and useful information to validate your AMP pages. Unlike Facebook and Apple, which upload content to apps, Google’s project helps publishers and web agencies create faster web pages. What changes? Concretely, if a mobile Internet user makes a request on Google and clicks on the link of a web page with an AMP version,

He will be automatically redirected to this light version and not to the classic version in order to reduce the loading time. At the moment, very few sites have taken the plunge and AMP results are scarce in search results. TEST THE DISPLAY OF THIS ARTICLE IN AMP FORMAT When AMP format content is available in your search results, a pictogram in the form of a white lightning bolt in a green circle will appear below or next to the format page. This system is being deployed and the pictograms in question will not invade search results tomorrow.

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