Blogging Mistakes That Nearly Kill Anyone Blog

Blog traffic statistics Businesses that blog have twice as much average email traffic as businesses that don’t blog. Click-through rates increase by 9% when the title contains a hyphen or colon. Titles containing six to eight words can increase your click-through rate by 21%. Over the past two years, more than half of bloggers reported a decline in Facebook traffic, while nearly a third reported a decline in Google traffic. The number of blogs using paid advertising and promotional techniques to drive traffic to their posts has increased by 93% in the past year. Guest blog statistics 60% of blogs publish one to five guest posts per month. 100% of blogs publish 3+ guest posts per month. Only 6% of all bloggers write most of their original content as guest posts.

So today we are going to talk about all

Seriously, I’m too lazy to update my blog regularly. I’m too lazy to write down all the great ideas I scribble on paper. I want everything to be easy. I don’t want to work hard to Telegram Data succeed. There is no substitute for hard work. If you want to be  successful then you have to work hard . You don’t get things easily because other people are working hard to get ahead in life. What’s more, if we get everything easily, then it has no value. So avoid being lazy and become more proactive. right? Tips : Avoid laziness and be more productive. Laziness can damage your career and destroy your online business that is just beginning to expand. Do exercise; keep your mind clear and focused on work. This will help you avoid laziness.

I am truly sorry for not maintaining

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I haven’t had time to publish an BEB Directory article for a month and it’s my fault. This mistake cost me a valuable reader, and I had to work even harder to regain my readers’ trust and regain their interest in my blog. Now I understand why blog post frequency is important for blogging. Users visit your blog to see new posts and what’s going on on your blog. If you don’t update them regularly, or they don’t see new posts every time they visit your blog , they stop visiting your site and your online business starts to decrease. This mistake had a huge impact in terms of traffic, revenue, and Alexa ranking. Tips : Try to keep your posting frequency to at least one blog post to keep users engaged within a month. If you can’t maintain your posting frequency, you’re bound to lose a valuable audience like I did

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