ZEN READING top searches on google 2015Updated October 27, 2020 The ranking of your Venezuela Email List on Google has become an essential event at the end of each year. Since 2002, the Google search engine has presented us in December with an overview of the most popular searches of the year classified under different themes. The year 2015 in research is the title of the site specially created for the occasion. It presents the most requested Google searches in the world and in France. Its meta description  sums up the site’s vocation very well: Discover the highlights of the year and the questions these events raised No major event escapes .

Google’s retrospective, logically we find the most popular films, the most listened to music, the artists of the year, the most watched sporting events, the news with the tragic events of the year 2015 and of course the most requested definitions. As proof, the market share of social network shares has fallen by around 11.28% since that date. Before the tweet sharing feature was discontinued, this rate was 12.39%. This equates to a drop of almost 11.28% in less than two weeks. If this downward trend had been observed for many weeks, it must be recognized that the decision taken by the company to remove the tweet counter accelerated the sharp drop in Twitter shares.

And It Is The Moment Of Assessments

The situation in the weeks and months to come could be more dramatic. There are certainly good reasons for Twitter to remove the tweet counter which was one of the key indicators of its popularity with the public. However, the report is bitter because a few weeks after the entry into force of the important changes announced last September, the signals are not in favor of the social network. Strongly, that urgent actions be taken so that the expected results by taking such a decision are perceptible. Never mind, the idea of ​​removing this important feature is not necessarily the right one. Your opinions and comments regarding this article are welcome.


Dublin Google searches around the world Google searches for all search categories Lamar Odom Charlie hebdo Agar.io Jurassic World Paris Furious 7 Fallout 4 Ronda Rousey Caitlyn jenner American Sniper The top 10 news in the world Charlie hebdoI’m charlie weekly Paris Hurricane Patricia Isis Nepal El Chapo Greece Baltimore riots San Bernardino Hurricane Joaquin Sporting events Copa America Wimbledon Tour de France Rugby World Cup Super Bowl Mayweather vs Pacquiao Indian Premier League US Open ICC Cricket World Cup Australian Open Your Google searches in video All of these rankings and many more can be found on the 2015 Google Search Trends site.

The Year 2015 Is Coming To An End

They come from the tool  Google Trends (for Search) and cover trends in 2015 on criteria combining the volume of applications and the progression from one year to another. Google Trends allows you to know how often a word has been typed on Google and to visualize this data by region and by language. The year 2015 of Google search is largely dominated by the Paris attacks, following a 2014 research year  marked by Julie Gayet, what will 2016 have in store for us? Google Search Console is the new name of the Webmaster Tools console, the opportunity to rediscover a source of free information on your websites and one of the favorite tools of SEO experts.

ZEN READING Google Search ConsoleUpdated July 17, 2019 Google Search Console has been the new name for the Google Webmaster Tools webmaster console  since May 2015. This name change is an opportunity for Google to address a wider audience than the webmaster and SEO community, the signal is given with the deletion of the word webmaster. Another signal of change, the main report of the former Google webmaster tools formerly called “Search queries”  becomes “Research analysis” . The new   “Search Console” from Google is now aimed at all those who are interested in the visibility of their website on.

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