What is a digital book A digital book (also known as an electronic book, e-book, or ebook) is a lengthy publication that has been published in a digital format. Reading it requires a digital device, such as an e-reader, tablet, computer or smartphone. Nowadays most books are published in 2 version: printed and digital, but there are also books that are published exclusively in a digital format. The paper format is better for some people, while others prefer the digital version. Each format has it’s own unique advantages, but we’re going to focus now on digital books. Benefits of publishing digital books In a world gone digital, you’re missing out if you don’t publish digital books.

Reach a wider, global market without having to set up shipping services Reduced costs, because the publisher doesn’t have to pay for paper, printing and distribution. Online publishing platforms make distribution easy, simplifying the process Malta Phone Number publishers, and where people can find online books to read. The digital format supports interactivity and enhancements: integrated dictionaries, digital bookmarks, sharing options, etc Digital book publishing software When it comes to choosing the best digital book publishing software, authors have many options, ranging from tools for writing and sharing (Word, Google Docs, Pages, FocusWriter, Evernote, Scrivener).

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Tools for editors (Grammarly, Hemingway App, AutoCrit, EditMinion), rights & licensing, sharing, selling and digital publishing platforms. It’s impossible to pick one best publishing software unless you know the specific needs of the publisher in question. We can recommend Flipsnack as a tool for promoting your digital book. 5 digital book promo ideas I’m assuming that you recently published a digital book online and you need to promote it, or you’re a marketer working for a publishing company. In both cases, you want to create an exceptional experience for readers that will make them want to buy your e-book.

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Below you have a list of 5 smart promo ideas that are not commonly used in book marketing campaigns, so you will have an advantage to start with. These digital book promo ideas will generate buzz and grow your community. 1. Digital book trailer Videos are a great way to promote anything, because they are very engaging. As an author/ publisher you might be reluctant to use videos to promote the written word. But don’t let that stand in the way. With book trailers you can reach a wider audience than you would with traditional marketing. There are many types of book trailers (using illustration. Typography, actors) so you should make a trailer that hooks the right audience.

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Trailers is that they can be a standalone hit or they can be helpful in your other campaigns. 2. Interviews Author interviews are another way to get the word out about your digital book. Whenever you get the chance to be interviewed by local press, bloggers or the big media, jump at it. The format is not that important: print, TV, radio, TV. What matters is that people will find out about your ebook. If possible, ask to see the questions in advance so you can prepare your answers. It certainly helps if you are shy in front of reporters. 3. Digital book interactive presentation Looking for something different that will make your book stand out?

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