Showing your followers who you are. Is your brand personality humorous and irreverent? Don’t be afraid to share jokes and sarcasm on your feed! Or. Maybe your brand is more inspirational and encouraging. Let these qualities shine through your posts and captions! 5. Create different types of posts While Instagram is traditionally a photo-sharing app. Creating other types of posts can help increase your engagement. Videos receive twice as much engagement as photos.

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Collaboration features to help further your connection with your audience and other creators. 6. Post high-quality content On any digital marketing platform. Valuable content is critical. With Instagram. Focus on creating shareable and save-worthy content. It’s one thing to Ghana Phone Numbers someone to tap the heart or leave a quick comment. But you need to provide substantial value to convince someone your post deserves a share or save. To provide this value. Ensure you understand your target audience and what types of content they like to see on Instagram. For example.

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Saves by posting helpful advice or industry information. Newsworthy updates and humorous posts can generate shares. 7. Share posts from others While you want others to share your posts. Engagement is a two-way street. Share valuable content from other creators and user-generated content (UGC) from your customers to build relationships and drive subsequent engagement. Etsy Instagram post 8.

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