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Here are some basic benefits that come from the image. Of an expert in a specific field Competitiveness. Do you feel like the job market is overcrowded with copywriters. Perhaps it is – but how many of them are true experts in one or more specific topics. Strict specialization (and not writing about everything and in such a way as to appeal to the largest group of recipients. Is your advantage and advantage. A solid personal brand makes potential customers more likely to reach for your services, they will pay more for them. Knowing that they will receive an expert text. And you will not end up on the stool of the unemployed.

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Prospects A strong personal brand with a good reputation is an opportunity to positively influence the environment. Plus, virtually anyone who comes from a particular industry will want to work with a master pen in that particular field. Building your rand pays off, because it means prospects for new, more profitable whatsapp mobile number list cooperation and further career development. Trust A strong and coherent personal brand, which reflects your worldview and the values ​​you profess, builds the trust of recipients and potential customers. Sharing common interests and you and people in the industry, thanks to which they will more willingly reach for your services.

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They will see that you know your stuff and are genuine in what you do. Online activity (blog, social media) is a good step towards building a personal brand. So start today and see for yourself how many benefits come from consistent personal branding. Link attributes – nofollow, dofollow, sponsored, ugc Aleksandra Olszewska July , You will read in ~ min. If you are interested in SEO, you have surely come across the term “link attribute”. There are BEB Directory several of them, the most popular of which are the rel nofollow and rel dofollow  attributes.

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