Allows greater content versatility another advantage of using whatsapp marketing to promote your business is the immense variety of content you can share with your audience. In the app. You can send text messages. Images. Audio files. Videos. Documents and make calls and video calls. Where can whatsapp be used? While whatsapp business has many business-oriented tools and functionality. It does not support ads. Because of this. You will have to be creative when it comes to marketing for whatsapp. The first step is to develop your messenger strategy in conjunction with your digital marketing strategy. Thus. You guarantee more uniformity across all channels. Therefore. Try to make a strategic plan to define your objective with the tool. What actions need to be taken and the expected return.

Below. We list some of the best ways for you to use whatsapp to advertise your business. Check out: real-time customer service and support many brands and entrepreneurs struggle to maintain a good relationship with customers. Whether due to lack of time or availability. Customer service and support ends up being harmed. And you already know that. In order to retain customers . It is very important to have a good relationship with them. In this sense. Whatsapp is the perfect tool for your business. As the application allows you to have private conversations with consumers. You can use it to answer questions. Provide support and create after-sales actions.

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And the best thing is that whatsapp allows all this to be done in real time and at any time of the day. Without having to wait for an email or a call. Sending promotions and exclusive Hungary phone number offers we’ve already pointed out that whatsapp marketing doesn’t support ads – at least for now. However. This does not mean that you cannot use the tool to promote your products and services. In fact. It is one of the most interesting channels to spread personalized offers and promotions. For example. You can create exclusive discounts for customers who contact your brand through whatsapp. Or create groups and broadcast lists to publicize promotional actions at first hand. But remember that this type of contact should only be made if the user accepts to receive your messages.

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Avoid sending excessive promotional messages. Otherwise. You may be marked as spam . Sending relevant and educational content nobody wants to receive a multitude of advertisements all the time. So try to diversify the type of content you send to your customers on whatsapp. One of the foundations of content marketing is to use relevant and truly useful content to stimulate people’s interest in your brand and position it as a reference. So. Whenever possible. Share relevant content. Tips and tutorials with your contacts. This strategy shows that your brand cares about the customer and has authority. Generate traffic to your website and convert leads another way to put whatsapp marketing into practice is to use the app to increase traffic from your other channels.

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Like your website or blog. For example. In the previous item. We said that it is important to offer relevant content and avoid the frequent sending of advertisements. With that in mind. You can use the messenger to publicize new articles on your blog or on your business website. In addition. It is also possible to convert leads through whatsapp. To do this. Try to promote a landing page to your contacts. Sell directly through the app whatsapp can also serve as another sales channel. Allowing customers to make purchases directly through the app. To do this. Offer a catalog with your products and services. It could be a pdf. A landing page or an online store. So they can choose the products they want to purchase.

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