Every businessman wants to be on the cover of a business magazine like Forbes or appear on the 30 Under 30 list. But how exactly did Forbes become such a staple in the world of business magazines? This article will shine a light on how Forbes got so famous. We’ll get into a bit of history and we’ll also see what it takes to make a business magazine like Forbes. So, if you’re passionate about the world of business, technology, and everything in between, keep on reading! Create your business magazine like Forbes banner A brief history of Forbes magazine Bertie Charles Forbes had a natural talent for writing and always wanted to become a business writer. After he wrote several financial articles and books, he wanted to start his own publishing company.

Forbes magazine was founded in 1917, while the U.S. joined the war and the existence of capitalism was at stake. I guess hard beginnings lead to great success. Originally named Doers and Doings, Forbes magazine started featuring businessman leaders and freelance pieces. Over the years, the content started to improve as did the industries of Poland Phone Number and advertising. In 2017, Forbes magazine celebrated a century of existence. Magazine’s fame started to grow when they introduced a special annual issue “400 richest Americans”. That was a huge success, therefore, lists became a must-have for the following editorials. Forbes’ 30 Under 30 is another phenomenon where they present young people from different categories that have the world at their fingertips.

Their Publication Expanded

Over time and their present editor-in-chief is Steve Forbes. Besides the lifestyle supplement, Forbes Life, other titles include Forbes Asia and 27 local-language editions. Nowadays, the magazine is well-known for offering up-to-date articles regarding the business industry, technology, politics. They also do informative lists and rankings like: Forbes 400 America’s 60 Richest Self-made Women Forbes’ 30 Under 30 The World’s Billionaires Forbes Travel Guide World’s 100 Most Powerful Women Forbes Global 2000 World’s Most Powerful People America’s Wealthiest Celebrities Now that we’ve learned a little history and have some background of the beginnings of Forbes magazine, let’s break down how.

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Forbes magazine looks like now, what magazines layout they use, how they do their editorial policy/table of contents, and finally, learn how to apply all the best practices in making your own business magazine. How to make a business magazine like Forbes Design an impactful magazine cover The cover of your business magazine is the first thing people will see. There’s no point in having amazing content inside when people are not even going to open it. This is why it’s so important to have a cover that instantly catches the eye. Not to mention that your cover design is a big selling point.

Business Magazines Like Forbes

Entrepreneur, Inc., or The Economist usually use a simple background, the portrait of a celebrity. An entrepreneur or a business person, and intriguing teasers. Business magazine covers collage The intriguing teasers can be a short but significant subheading related to the person on the cover and even his/her quotes from the consecrated article or interview. Lastly, smaller subheadings give an overview of the major stories in the magazine. Let’s take a look at some Forbes magazines’ cover, for instance, the one with Kylie Jenner. Forbes magazine cover with Kylie Source Do you notice the big, famous logo of Forbes magazine in the top center? What about the selling main heading? This title is so bold and catchy that you almost can’t decide which gets your attention first. The image with Kylie or the title?!

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